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  1. Raptor_Pilot

    I was feeling a bit nostalgic.

    The game contains a creative mode allowing you to customize your own galaxy, and the ships themselves are built with an editor sort of like Rimworld building but with spaceships. I'm still testing out all available modes.
  2. Raptor_Pilot

    I was feeling a bit nostalgic.

    I was playing Cosmoteer the other day and got to feeling a bit nostalgic. Then I got a bit busy. I know it has been an awful long time, but I do miss this place, and just wanted to drop a line and say hello to anyone still inhabiting the shrine.
  3. Raptor_Pilot

    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    I stopped by after a long absence to give my support for this mod. Far too many Wing Commander themed mods simply disappear into the ether. Do not let this be one of them. Cheers. - Raptor_Pilot
  4. Raptor_Pilot

    Computer-Aided WCTO Progress Updates

    I thought I might check out that ship entry form, so I made a Raptor. I hope you don't mind.
  5. Raptor_Pilot

    Checking In

    Good Luck! I might not post in here, or on the forums much anymore, but I am still hoping and waiting for Wing Commander: Tactical Operations Deluxe Edition. New and in the box for $29.99 I'm sort of kidding, but if you ever get everything put together enough to sell a boxed set of WCTO, I...
  6. Raptor_Pilot

    I'm proud of myself.

    If a woman accepts money for sex, she is a prostitute. By the way, I'm not nine years old, I am 25. Frostytheplebe, Here is a reason not to get married: Marriage, Horror, And Susan Reimer by Fred Reed
  7. Raptor_Pilot

    I'm proud of myself.

    I was over on Yahoo, doing some random stuff, when I came across a question on Yahoo Answers. Some woman was asking about whether she could find a man with a very specific set of qualities. She had them laid out in an itemised list with short explanations of each one. This is my answer to her...
  8. Raptor_Pilot

    Games that are like WC

    For some reason, Homeworld reminds me of Wing Commander. Probably because I use primarily fighters and corvettes to fight all of the battles. I also tend to design Wing Commander type ships in Galactic Civilizations 2.
  9. Raptor_Pilot

    Best Weapon Combo

    You found me out! I'm so ashamed. :D
  10. Raptor_Pilot

    Best Weapon Combo

    I try not to miss an opportunity to talk about my favorite fighter. RAPTORS!!! WOOHOO!! I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for that ship. The first time I flew it, I fell in love. Guns, Missles, and a Mine! Pure awesome! However, since the Raptor isn't on the poll, I voted for the Rapier.
  11. Raptor_Pilot

    New ship sheet preview

    That looks NICE! I'm looking forward to the updates too! EDIT: Are you going to have a big bundle pack when everything is done?
  12. Raptor_Pilot

    Tolwyn's Children

    Welcome back to story mode! I'll be looking foward to see how this one unfolds. It's a pity about Front Lines, but oh well, some things need to go their seperate ways, and this story certainly seems good enough to hold my interest. Good first chapter, I'll be looking foward to further updates!
  13. Raptor_Pilot

    Wing Commander Movie Wallpaper

    NICE! That will be on my desktop in about 3 seconds...
  14. Raptor_Pilot

    Possibility of getting banned from YouTube before finishing WC Community Replay

    There should not be a problem with game videos. I have several of them on youtube, one of them has been up for two years now. I wouldn't worry about the rest of your stuff, have you sent a message to the YouTube staff and asked them why you had trouble with the video?
  15. Raptor_Pilot

    A question

    It's ok. Thanks for the response.
  16. Raptor_Pilot

    A question

    How is the PC based version of TacOps coming along, is there progress or has the project been given the axe? I was really looking foward to that one.
  17. Raptor_Pilot

    Looking for volunteers for a WCTO test game

    I guess I called it wrong. Good work Terrans! The Beowulf lives to fight another day.
  18. Raptor_Pilot

    Looking for volunteers for a WCTO test game

    That is the best idea I've ever heard.
  19. Raptor_Pilot

    Scimitar fans

    I personally like to take a scimitar against everything but salthi light fighters. Those squirelly little bastards are always getting behind me! Maybe I just suck at piloting. But having three heat seekers at my disposal is definately a strong point, not to mention the armor, however the...
  20. Raptor_Pilot

    WC TacOps Game Manual v0.1 released

    I have a question and an idea to run by Ironduke: Question: How is the pc port for tacops coming along? Idea: In the pc port, would it have some type of die roll "generator", or would it be easier to have the player roll their own dice and just punch in the numbers into a text box to...