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    Savage Empire Tshirt

    Good points, all. You're right Chris--I'm wrong... You won the argument. Three cheers, and a tiger for you. I'll leave it to you to help out plasticrabbit. You made your point clearly--that YOU control the CIC--and everything that is associated with it. I accept that. Thanks to all...
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    Savage Empire Tshirt

    That's cool, P-R. :) Yeah--I trust that you're not gonna try to make a forgery. Just please understand that forgeries of gaming memorabilia have increased in the last few years. A few unscrupulous folks are making copies of rare games, and collectibles (-even T-SHIRTS), and selling them on...
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    Savage Empire Tshirt

    WRONG! What ChrisReid says and what he knows are two completely different things. He has no experience dealing with the collectors market. He has no experience dealing with forgers, and he certainly has no experience in Origin Museum policy or operations. WCNEWS hosts these forums for...
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    Greetings Trelain! Thanks for the compliments! We're still adding new things all the time, so please visit us often! YES--it's very cool that Garriott used to answer his mail--I don't know if that is still the case. Do you still have the letter? We'd love a scan! Mariah, if you...
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    Savage Empire Tshirt

    Hi plasticrabbit! Yes--the Savage Empire T-shirt is a rare Origin collectible. Available only thru direct order, or as part of the Savage Empire Special Edition version of the game, it is a very hard-to-find item (and a really cool design as well!) :) We don't have a good graphic at the...
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    Privateer: The Devil's Copy?

    Well, what I hear is "for yourself", but this edit seems a little sloppy for Origin standards. If *I* were to input a little easter egg that said 'For your Soul', I would make it sound much more menacing, wouldn't you? It's not unusual, however, for Origin to put some weird and wacky stuff...
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    Yeah well...

    YAY--Whisper is BACK! Sorry I haven't emailed you--my home system crashed--hard drive is DEAD--lost a lot.... But it is truly WONDERFUL to have you here. :) For those who don't know, Lady Whisper was the creator of 'Worlds of Origin'--one of the FIRST Origin fan sites EVER! Thanks...
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    Wing Commander in Space (July 13, 2006)

    Has anyone tried to find the actual email? I'd like to check if the reference is a typo in the article. I believe that they meant to say, "Star Wars, OR Wing Commander". What say you?
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    We're BACK!

    Yes, Alkarion, there's more...MUCH more. Although I've gone thru most of it, there's still a few boxes that I've done nothing more than 'browse' thru--there are still LOADS of items that I haven't examined closely yet. On top of that, we have literally dozens (hundereds?) of items that we...
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    So glad to have been a part of the Origin Era

    You are quite welcome Thorndog! :) Your enthusiams are one of the things that keeps us going. While I don't update the website as nearly as much as I should, Paula and I still manage to do little things for other sites (like WCNews), that allow us to contribute. If it's an old pic we...
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    The 11th Guest (May 15, 2006)

    Wow! Thanks for the interest guys! Yes--the video is especially exciting, but problematic. I have no access to a BetaCam machine, and Ebay charges outrageous prices for them ($500 to $3,000 USD). My idea is to go to a public access TV studio in my area, and get it dubbed to VHS, or...
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    Pre-renders in Wing Commander?

    Yes--that is exactly what I was trying to point out--so it *WAS* the reason that I cited! I just cited it very badly! :) I wanted to clarify that although the gameplay uses sprites, the cutscenes were actually 'rendered' using actual 3-D models, and then they rendered the cutscene from that...
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    Pre-renders in Wing Commander?

    Greetings! There's a post in a collecting forum where folks are discussing pre-rendered graphics using SGI computers. I remember the WC2 cut scenes at the beginning--they *looked* like pre-renders, but I want to get all of the facts before I post. "WC3 used actual 3D models for gameplay...
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    We're BACK!

    Welcome back BrynnS and Maniac89! About the Wing 3 Film Reels: Unfortunately, No-we only recieved a sample of the film shot for Wing 3. There are 3 small reels, and 2 large reels-a rough guess of the footage time is about 23 minutes. These reels are however a *very* significant find...
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    It Pays To Run EA (April 23, 2006)

    Larry Probst allways struck me as looking like Michael McKean, the guy from Spinal Tap... Anyone else agree? Joe
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    WC Poeticaly

    Well, *I* thought it was VERY cool--Excellent Work! I always imagined that the Kilrathi, being the proud race that they are, would entertain each other during feast rituals and such, using poetry of their brave deeds. After reading this, I envisioned the members of this Kilrathi's hrai...
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    Time For More Bible Study (April 21, 2006)

    Glad people liked it. Special thanks for the re-discovery of the 'Chain of Command' doc goes to LeHah. It was *HIS* efforts (and not mine) that recovered this rare manuscript. From what I hear, LeHah tracked down Brooks Wachtel, one of the original writers of WCA, who was kind enough to...
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    Anyone talking about "irony" will be summarily executed

    This, under NO circumstances, could ever be considered "a shame". He lived well into his eighties, and died doing exactly what he loved to do. I doubt that ANY of us will be able to achieve either feat! No sympathy, no remorse...just a simple 'Godspeed, Crossfield'. Joe
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    Happy Birthday LOAF! (April 19, 2006)

    Happy Birthday, Ya Big LUG! :) Being that this day is special, there's only one thing to do.... Eat Pie. Best Fishes, Joe G
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    Important: Wing Commander for Charity (April 18, 2006)

    So, what's the official 'tally' after 24 hours? Care to give us an update, Taser8?