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    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander III on Origin (June 11, 2014)

    Hi everyone, I'm Joe and the one who shared this discovery with the staff last night (thanks for the kudos LOAF!). I bought it today (even though I already have the GOG version) and it is indeed DOS Box (lite version possibly). A big difference is it seems far better configured from the...
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    5.5 quake in Toronto Canada

    Same here, working in Portsmouth and never felt a thing.
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    Invasion 2.5 Released! (April 14, 2010)

    Freakin sweet as always
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    Invasion 2.5 Released! (April 14, 2010)

    The original game and its expansion are good games, but not really necessary to play before diving into Invasion. I found the pop caps were insanely low for the vanilla games preventing it from having that epic touch, not to mention the what the heck moment from making a huge fleet and not...
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    For WC Fans, check this out!!

    Hate to break it to ya but this is a port of a PC game released back in 2007. It had decent sales, though the game design had a few parts left to be desired.
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    Conquest Frontier Wars

    I feel your pain, once I played just one nightmare level mantis with 3 AI's allies set to a lower difficulty grade....within 5-6mins all of them were wiped out!! It took roughly three hours and defensive playing to wear down the bugs, the kill count was insane.
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    Concordia Sunk

    In case any one is really crazy about tracking down certain ships, here's a site maintained by the Navy with pretty much every ship (10000+ entries), maybe some history.
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    Nephilim Invades Invasion (March 4, 2010)

    Its a far cooler idea than using the wormhole from Prophecy, some roaches skittering about the satellites will give them a nice creepy factor.
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    Pushing the envelope

    I agree with everyone that a pure Newtonian setup would suck, I'd be more interested in keeping the atmospheric flight system with the ability to perform more than just a Shelton Slide for all fighters, some obviously would be much better at it than others. Later I'll hit up the guys over on...
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    Pushing the envelope

    I may tinker with the idea, though something like this is far from my forte.
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    Bnet = Online Savage Land?

    BNet is a mixed bag, kinda like a sandbox with little kids in it. Some play nice, some try to make others play by their rules, and then you've got the punks (though I'd much rather use far worse to describe them ;)). For a while I played Starcraft over dialup (:rolleyes:) and though I had some...
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    Requesting Clearance to Land (January 31, 2010)

    I never took landing on the Intrepid too seriously, it was an opportunity to do things like a figure eight through the landing bay. Look out grease monkeys, here I come!
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    Pushing the envelope

    Physics class was a long time ago, but I'm rather certain your motion potential is still determined by applied force, otherwise anything would be able to achieve FTL. But, getting back to the original intention of this post, there's plenty of potential left to explore without taking away from...
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    Pushing the envelope

    While mounting an AI turrent on the back of the ship would be far easier, performing a split s and jamming a dumbfire down the throat of the unsuspecting s.o.b. while doing so would be much more fun and give you major bragging rights. Until something new is created beyond our current...
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    Pushing the envelope

    Depending on how you define it, on rails could be a term for flight without the effects of inertia, I tend to think of the Rebel Assault as a shooter on rails. You got me on the Shelton Slide, though my thoughts were of more radical manuevers in the three dimensional plane while simulating the...
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    Something you all might enjoy

    Man, these would look awesome in a flight engine. Thumbs up!!
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    Pushing the envelope

    Ever since playing Prophecy and then some other space sim games, not to mention watching BSG, a more complex flight engine using greater physics would be a nice addition to a WC game. Granted the flying on rails setup is needed for a broader audience, every now and then you're in a sticky...
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    Conquest Frontier Wars

    This game came up in conversation between Frostytheplebe and myself the other day and thought I'd throw it out there for everyone else. Being a product of first DigitalAnvil, then published by Ubisoft, you couldnt help but think of WC with the mix of corvettes, battleships, carriers, and...
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    A stupid discussion by stupid people

    I'd say you're even selling yourself short Quarto, even though Poland fell rather quickly, with outdated equipment many more Germans were casaulties than expected, not to mention destroying 30% of their mechanized forces. Not only did it delay the invasion of France but also forced them to...
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    Wing Commander Invasion

    The AI quirk is something thats pretty much prevalent in any EAW game/mod, though the same thing would happen in Star Wars Rebellion if I recall correctly. The Confederation is not equipped with the PTC yet, but with the Boost Weapons tab it makes it pretty adept at knocking out a few...