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  1. Shooter

    Spacetime Studios

    NCSoft has Lineage II, City of Villains/Heroes, Guild Wars, Tabula Rasa and Auto Assault, all of them MMO's, so I thinks is safe to presume that is going to be an online game. I would kill for a "Privateer MMORPG type" game. :D
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    Spacetime Studios

    I don't know if this was already posted, I've searched the forums but didn´t find anything. Today I was browsing thru the games industry news and I found this: "NCsoft Corporation, the world’s leading developer and publisher of online computer games, announced today its latest partnership...
  3. Shooter

    Man of Vision: Multiplayer Added to Prophecy (March 5, 2006)

    Mario, tu és O HOMEM ! Obrigado! This comunnity keeps on surprising me year after year... but this is huge. Keep up the good work HCl, you sure made a lot of wingnuts happy.
  4. Shooter

    Vietnam man handles three decades without sleep

    I dont think this is an urban legend at all, because this is not the first case documented. The last one I've heard was about a russian (ucranian?) guy who spent 20 years without sleep, but had to be medicated to maintain his fisical condition. Who knows, the human brain is still a mistery...
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    C&C First Decade Ships To Stores (February 7, 2006)

    This is very interesting news: LINK
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    Bloodrayne Bombs At The Box Office (January 9, 2006)

    Sorry for the long copy/paste, but... this is funny. :rolleyes: "A projectionist from UltraStar Cinemas has revealed to Shacknews a rather huge error made with the distribution of Uwe Boll's latest cinematic endeavor, the BloodRayne adaptation featuring such well-regarded thespians as Ben...
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    First to Fight! Anyone else playing?

    Nice game, the coop multiplayer is great. Here's the official site and a portuguese review for you Ed.
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    Merry Christmas

    I wish a Merry Christmas to everyone.
  9. Shooter

    Wing Commander Showing On Fox In Brazil (November 8, 2005)

    "In Portuguese speaking countries, the movie got an official subtitle: A Batalha Final." Not in all Portuguese speaking countries. In Portugal the title was "Wing Commander - Comandante de Esquadrilha", that means, well, Wing Commander (or squadron leader). :)
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    You think that's bad? Check this out: :D
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    THE TABERNACLE of His body

    This is probably the weirdest thing I've ever saw in this forum. Probably.
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    For those of you who can speak Portuguese (WC related)

    Very cool text Ed, I've been planning to write a similar piece for the website I write for, because we also have a classics section.
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    15 Years of Wing Commander - What Was Your First Time Like?

    I was one one the luky ones, with the exception of Wing Commander IV I’ve played all the WC games in the right sequence. Wing Commander entered my life in 91, in the form of a pirated version (I believe that WCI and II never got published here in Portugal). As Loaf, my favorite game back then...
  14. Shooter

    War of the Worlds

    My opinion is that the movie is amazing and Spielberg is a genius. The whole movie it's not about why or how there is an alien invasion, but how humans would react to it, and that was totally acomplished. Don't go to the cinema waiting to see Independence Day 2 or something like it... It's not a...
  15. Shooter

    Guilty Pleasures: Silverscreen Edition

    Guilty pleasures ? I've got to say Star Wars Ep. I and II. I know it's bad, too much SFX, bad acting, whatever, but c'mon, it's Star Wars !
  16. Shooter

    Your first Wing Commander game?

    Wing Commander I of course, on a 286 with 16 colors EGA graphics and PC speaker. Man, what a nightmare. Later I saw a friend of mine playing it in VGA and I was blown away. Anyone remember the huge amount of time required to install WC1 ? :rolleyes: After that I bought a Quickshot (?) sound...
  17. Shooter

    Confed and before!

    Don't get me wrong ! I really liked "Priv 2", I just don't consider it to be part of the WCU, for all the obvious reasons. One thing is to produce a game with the WC background included from the beginning, but to change the name just to seduce the WC fans is another. Oh well, this has been...
  18. Shooter

    Confed and before!

    Yep, no matter how much I read about the alleged connection between the WC Universe and the Priv 2 Universe, I still don't buy it. Especially after seeing the "The Darkening" add in my WC IV edition, without any reference to Wing Commander.
  19. Shooter

    Free form, unfolding storyline - is that all?

    How come no one talks about X2: The Threat from Egosoft ? I had the chance of reviewing it for a games related website and I was very surprised. The game it's a bit complicated at first, but then it gets very interesting. The plot is good and the economic system works very well. A worthy...
  20. Shooter

    WC III Premiere Edition

    Thanks Loaf. It's very hard to find a complete one... Back to the hunting !