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    Gamestop interview: Chris Roberts: Why I've Come Back to Gaming

    Nice and interesting. Thanks for posting!
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    Open questions thread from Ginger Lynn Allen

    This is an awesome series of visits...thanks for continually stopping in! :D If any of the writing had been up to you where you'd have liked Rachel to do this or that differently in the course of the storyline, what (if anything) might you have changed? Thanks in advance, and have a great one!
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    BREAKING NEWS: Roberts Space Industries: Big Announcement Coming In October (September 10, 2012)

    This was BEYOND hilarious. Or maybe it was just because it's after 1:00 AM and I'm loopy. :D
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    Movies with WC actors

    All completely apart from one another, but Steven Petrarca, Francois Chau and Peter Jason have all separately done episodes of JAG...Chau played two different characters, to boot.
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    BREAKING NEWS: The Commander is Back! (August 12, 2011)

    Works for me! My flight stick has been begging to have the dust scrapped off for just such an occasion. :D
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    Wing Commander III. Major Success, or Dramatic Fail?

    As with Darkmage and Pigs, WC2 was my fave as well. While WC1 got me hooked via a friends' Sega console, WC2 was my first true PC game (ahh, the ancient-ness of the 386SX...) as it just felt better in terms of gameplay and flow. Storyline was great as well, and the first time had me popping my...
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    Catscratch's Turkish Trip (January 8, 2011)

    Didn't even make the connection that's who it was when I was watching it, but thought he was great doing the History Channel's "Samurai" documentary...felt like a light bulb just turned on in making that connection. Guess it's been just that long since I've played WC4. This is very cool stuff.
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    Wingmen in WC: Prophecy

    Of course, it's been a while since I've been around some, but... Military pilots are, for the most part, nuts. And a good number also have a little less decorum, both in the wardroom and, for a lesser extent, in-flight than you'd probably imagine. While, yes, they are educated and certainly...
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    Science officer Aurora Finley, now a roaming musician?

    Not really. Casey: "So, what's a lieutenant commander doing all the way down here in pilot country?" (or quote to that effect) It's been a while for the direct quote, but the rank is definite. That'd make her Confed Navy.
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    Battlestar Galactica and Wing Commander

    I see what you mean on the uniform, at least as far as the clips going down the front. Never noticed that before. Eh, I'd say the turbo/jump point analogy is close, but not an exact sound, as I think there's a difference in the frequency range and some extra "outside" noise where the Viper's...
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    Garriott Rocks Some Out-of-this-World Threads (April 26, 2010)

    A bit of useless trivia: Owen K. Garriott's hometown is Enid, OK, where I was stationed for my last Navy tour via Vance AFB. The main drag is named after him; it's the town portion of US 412 running east-west. The Applebee's there has several posters, spacesuits and memoribilia (sp?) from...
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    The original Midway (CV-41)

    That's not a bad idea! Enough folks around the community are certainly enterprising enough so I wonder if someone might be able to also make up a specific piece so that one can (somewhat) honestly say, "They hung a plaque right over your bunk". :D
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    The original Midway (CV-41)

    So I'm sitting here watching a DVD of the first season of The History Channel's "Dogfights" when I come across the episode, "MiG Killers of Midway". Got me thinking, and I thought I'd post the namesake of one of our favorite carriers. Sorry in advance for the size of these pics...I'm not sure...
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    Isn't that the stuff that kinda tastes like Fruity Pebbles in a bottle? :p
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    Sam Adams (Boston Lager at times, Winter Ale when it's in season, Cherry Wheat whenever I can) Guinness (whenever I get in the mood for Dark beer) And (Miller) Lite (For that Everyday "thirst" :D )
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    chances of future wing commander game(s)

    I've been out of it for a while...the WC4 you mention downloading on the PS3, is that the branching-watered-down PS1 version (i.e., having to defect to the Border Worlds, no choice but to do the Speradon missions, etc) or the fully-branching, PC-type version?
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    It's Vagabond!

    Indeed, so did I. It was kinda nice, as I'm sure only us Wingnuts know him while everyone else would be, "Eh, just another extra". We know better. :D
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    Bnet = Online Savage Land?

    Agreed. Anymore, I play a Battlefield 2 mod (Nations At War) and mostly have my clan peeps that I play with...most of the time, anyone else just sits around, uses the M249 to mow everyone down with, doesn't follow orders and has no interest in teamplay. It's all about the kills, and if the guy...
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    Planet landable craft.....Some information from someone in the know

    I remember the first time I played WC4 quite some time ago...had a mission in atmo, can't remember the planet name or even the craft I was flying. The antigrav theory is probably correct because I was initially overwhelmed by the atmo graphics in game (OMG, this isn't...a black void!) and...
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    WCP - guns of the capships

    I can see your confusion and agree with it. Capships are supposed to kick ass better/stronger/faster than the smaller craft she carries. That's like saying the best weapon standard carrier in any navy back in WWII carried is a 50 cal. machine gun, which was (for the most part) the standard and...