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    Did Thrakhath have a cloaking device on his escape pod?

    I was always wondering why the confederation didn't detect the pod of Thrakhath at the end of Wing Commander 2. Was that because of a cloaking device? Also we see the flagship of Thrakhath pick him up in SO1. So it must have jumped in (or already been near) to his ejection position. Didn't...
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    Most memorable wc moment

    Hobbe's betrayal Man was I pissed about that. I tried finding a rationale for that, and made one up instead of that identity overlay bullshit.
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    Best Wingman??

    Best: WC1 - Hunter WC2 - Hobbes WC3 - Hobbes WC4 - Maniac WCP - Maverick Worst: WC1 - Maniac WC2 - Spirit WC3 - Flash WC4 - Catscratch WCP - Stiletto
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    WC's best fighter and bomber of all time

    Fighter: Rapier II (well armed, nice shields, a beauty, never let me down) Bomber: Broadsword (Made me feel safe and hulky, like the WWII bomber look) Post-WC II craft don't grow on me...
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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    IAN MCDIARMID appears in a HOLOGRAPH to one of the CLONE TROOPERS. IAN MCDIARMID Execute order 66. CLONE TROOPER Kill all shrieking CGI creatures. (to his troops) Alright men, shoot down the giant Iguana. IAN MCDIARMID Oh, and order 67. CLONE TROOPER Jedi, too. Got it...
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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    STAR WARS: EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH: THE ABRIDGED SCRIPT™ By Rod Hilton FADE IN: EXT. SPACE Two NOT-QUITE-TIE-FIGHTERS fly and zoom around, the camera chasing wildly behind them in a way that only computer generated scenes can show. We see that they have EWAN...
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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    I see now that using EU stuff would create a big problem for the SW community since you can't put in everything anyway. In that respect I understand Lucas his decision to put his own stuff in. Still though, you have to agree that that Half Tie Fighter - Awing looked bad and not functional. The...
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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    Just to be clear on this, I don't consider myself to be a true Star Wars fan (unlike you perhaps), I do know what EU means now though (Expanded Universe right?). I am however space combat shooter fan, hence my use of material what is apparently not approved by Lucas (Is that really the case...
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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    Saw it a few days ago. I didn't expect much of ROTS and yet still got dissapointed. Don't get me wrong, it was my money's worth and time but not the kind of movie I'd see again. It was certainly better than the previous two but still worse than the originals imo. I had a problem with a...
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    WC universe map at different periods

    Oh believe me I tried. The only map I could find of the complete WC universe is the one where you see the Confed and Kilrathi sectors when everything is a stalemate. The one Loaf made and the one you get with Prophecy I guess which are almost exactly the same. I'm more interested in the...
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    WC universe map at different periods

    I was wondering if there were more maps that show the Confed and Kilrathi occupied systems at different periods during the entire WC era. I have the map that that came with WC3 I think, which is also on the net but I couldn't find any more.
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    Your first Wing Commander game?

    I got WC1 and WC2 simultanously from a friend of my father with the expansions in 1994 I think if not sooner. Played them on a 486 66mHz I think, worked great. I was absolutely blown away by the graphics, storyline-missions combo. Odd thing is that I thought that the Taunt feature was the...
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    Favorite fighter.

    WC1: Rapier (kinda weak especially in SM1, but still ace) WC2: Rapier (I could kill faster than Sabres) WC3: Thunderbolt (Excal is cheese) WC4: Bearcat WC5: Wasp I'm also enamored with the Ferret but less than the Rapier.
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    Jazz's death cutscene

    I tried finding the WC2:SO2 cutscene where Jazz dies but I can't find it. I never played SO2, only SO1 so I have never gotten the satisfaction of seeing Jazz burn for his traitorous deeds. No more "Meastro!" talk from him, man did that annoy the hell out of me. Since there are so many Jazz...
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    Searching floor plans for WC1/2 capships

    Looking good but I have my doubs about the length of the flight deck. For the Dreadnaught to have a full complement of fightercraft (which can be considered just as full as a fleet carrier) you'd think that the flight deck extends almost the entire length of the ship but between the Phase cannon...
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    The Mandarins have bothered me for a while. I mean why would you help the Kilrathi against the Confederation? They would have been treated as slaves or even executed if the Kilrathi would have conquered the humans, wouldn't they? Don't get me wrong, I really liked the WC2 Jazz plot...
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    New fighter concept

    Although I appreciate your work Spirit, I must agree with Striker. As far as I know, there is no "Cutlass" ship in the Wing Commander Universe. You are putting in ships that absolutely have no place in the universe, eventhough it may look WC-ish. People playing WCU expect to see that it...
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    Most Dominant Fighter of it's time...

    I think the Rapier would have been the most dominant fighter throughout the war. I mean surely it must have been considering the amount of different versions it went through. Since there's a 10 year period between WC1 and WC2 and there's still a Rapier (even if its a redesign) that says...
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    Splash Screen

    Looks pretty good, few pointers though. You'd want to use signature ships of Wing Commander. It should immediately be apparent that this is about Wing Commander Universe just by looking at the splash. I think you're on the right track by using ships of WC1, 2 and 3. However you emphasise...
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    A strange bug...

    I have the same problem, its like the ships are still firing at me outside of the base. Pretty annoying.