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    video footage from WC games

    I think thats cool keep up any work that has to do with wing Commander:)
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    The Wing Commander Galaxy Maps

    Man i just seen Wolf 359 sector in vega weird thats a sector used in the Star Trek universe.....oh well learn something new everyday
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    Happy Birthday Loaf!

    Happy Birthday man i turned 21 only 5 months ago and its awesome :)
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    Blair Still Alive?

    Sorry i didnt realize i was starting a massive debate i was just curious to other peoples ideas on the situation :confused:
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    Blair Still Alive?

    I was wondering if anyone watched the ending to prophecy very close. I saw that the platform blair was in was sucked back thru ther portal before it closed.. i was wondering if anyone could confirm this. Watch it real close... Maybe he still is alive ? I would like to think so :)