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    Gothri Gripe

    Yes, I got the impression from reading Victory Streak that the Sothak was going to be some monster fighter - I believe it was compared with a destroyer as a bit of a joke. Gothri are what have stopped me finishing SO1 and SO2- the only WC games I haven't played. I got to that mission with...
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    The Movie. Jump points. Cats. and so on...

    I've thought about this before. My simple understanding of such things is based on reading Stephen Hawking's book where he describes the discovery of quasars in 1963: I should point out as well that I learnt the term only means "quasi-stellar" object - so they could be anything that resembles a...
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    Upcoming Sim: Black Prophecy

    Bob Mc Dob makes some interesting points, have you read chasm city or revelation space by Alistair Reynolds?? What did you think?
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    Confederation founding question

    Is there any info at all on what motivated the foundation of "pan-human" government such as the Confederation?
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    Possible Vista problems?

    Hi there, since I started running Vista a lot of things haven't been wanting to run for me, especially my much beloved WC Saga prologue. I really love this project, and am impressed by the commitment you are showing. It is very enjoyable to fly around in and fight dralthis. Anyway, since I've...
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    Standoff doesn´t work

    * I tried the patch - I don't know what it did, will it work with only Episodes 1 - 3? I haven't got around to dowloading 4 yet because it won't work. Would that help though? * I have been trying to start with Standoff.exe, and it makes no difference. * What UAC thing? Where do I find it? I...
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    DLL missing?

    I didn't realise that would make a difference: Are some of these files expecting a certain file pathway so to speak?
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    DLL missing?

    Hey guys what about this problem: I'm running Vista, and when I first go though installing I can run the game - once. Ever after it crashes upon trying to start with this message: FileStreamer:: open CreateFile failed D:\WCSecretOps\data.tre is this related to the above problem?
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    Tiger's Claw Squadrons

    I always thought that maybe other squadrons were there, because if you look closesly, the background faces are very familiar, I think that at least Iceman can be seen sitting behind you somewhere, and he's not always in your squadron is he. Also Spirit is there sitting behind you somewhere even...
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    Priv Re Controversy

    I'd like to hear more people's opinions about the problems of this remake. Someone has mentioned mixing eras or something? What really are th issues
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    What caused the TCS Concordia's destruction

    Oh right my mistake, that's really interesting.
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    Standoff doesn´t work

    Hi there, if I could add something - I am also running Vista, and I just plain can't it to run: Exactly as has been described, it runs once just after I've gone through thge install process, and then never again, and I get the above message too. Any of you guys know what can be done about...
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    What caused the TCS Concordia's destruction

    I voted "other" - I think the most likely possibility that players of WC3 were to imagine is that Concordia was in a battle with the Kilrathi around Vespus, above the "Mistral coast" and she was destroyed and fell in the sea... Her fate was no different to that of countless Confed ships during...
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    Standoff doesn´t work

    Oh I had this problem too, I just gave up cos I was busy, but I'm glad someone asked for me I will try this
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    ArmadaCD on Pentium 133: MYJEMM problems

    thanks guys, Before I got mixed up, I meant not that I was using Dosbox (though I have used it before) I simply meant opening a Dos window. But I did try my old Dos emulator, as well. But I was trying to use myjemm... silly idea...;) Anyway thanks ChrisReid for the info, I did exactly...
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    ArmadaCD on Pentium 133: MYJEMM problems

    thanks for the idea, but I have pretty much the same issues: In Dosbox 0.63, its says "EMS driver is not VCPI compliant" and so when I use MYJEMM, it says "Windows 95/98/ME required" maybe I should just try not using MYJEMM in Dos box anyother ideas? thanks
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    ArmadaCD on Pentium 133: MYJEMM problems

    Hi there, any help? I am running Windows 98 on a a Pentium133 I use for older games. I can run every WC game on it. This includes running Privateer in DOSbox using MYJEMM. - pleasant surprise that. But when I try to use MYJEMM for Armada it says "Can't load vjemm.vxd" what now? What...
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    Congrats to graduating wingnuts! My husband and I just graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, he with a Bachelor of Music Studies, me with a Bachelor of Music, and for some reason (mostly to do with scholarship money):D I'm going back for a Masters degree...:)
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    The Books

    What's the difference between : Wing Commander Peter Telep 1999, HarperCollins. ISBN 0-06-105985-4. 244pp and Pilgrim Stars Peter Telep 1999, HarperCollins. ISBN 0-06-105986-2. 301pp? Also, is that Everett WESTERN AUSTRALIA? or some American state?
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    What did you think of Neon Genesis Evangelion?

    I used to love this series, I've had two or three Neon Genesis marathons with my sister and pals. We used to have huge conversations afterwards about what the hell it was all about... I guess interest waned for me when I learnt a bit about theology, and decided the show was up the creek in...