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    I am just guessing here. But that would be WAY outside the scope of this project. Your talking about adding a FPS engine to Vegastrike. From what I know of the FOSS FPS engines is not many would be up to this task without a LOT of work. I am not sure about the possability of using the Quake...
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    Issue with confronting planet

    Just target the planet and press D withen 4000k. Apperently 0 dosn't work anyway.
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    Remake !=.... (warning, *rant*)

    For code releated questions, engine specific stuff I sugest going here Vegastrike Forum over at the sorceforge page. This forum is more for brainstorming and showing off eye candy (and arguments). If you send a PM to hellcatv I am sure he would be willing to help you out. He seems like a very...
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    WC:U intro movie

    Ricree101 its not that some of us dont agree with you, its that there is no point arguing the fact. The moderators at this forum have a track record that is well known. Its not going to change. We can just hope that the people that jump ship here (or are banned or whatever) find the other forum...
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    WC:U intro movie

    You left out the beer and ribs afterward Brad :)
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    What I've done so far...

    Couldn't you just land at a place that pays well for slaves. Land take off and land again with no risk of detection then?
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    Sheffield's Shipyard

    BLASFEEMER!!!!!111!!!!!ONE!!!!!1 Oh god I need sleep.
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    The Galaxy model

    I always loved the turret system in the Gunstar.
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    The Proper remake discussion

    Hey John its no biggy really. Check this out, some people may not want to make or play a proper remake, some may prefer a more middle ground game, while others may like a full no limits everything goes type game. But all 3 share a lot of common ground. They all share the same engine, and they...
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    Merchants' needs and Dynamic economy

    Sorry, I just moved. My privious domicile didn't allow alcohol (room mates parents moing in, long story). In my new abode alcohol is double plus good, and as a matter of coincidence (another long story) its the only item in the fridge.
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    Cranky bits

    You're travelling to another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound... but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land, whose boundaries are only that of the imagination... you're entering... the Twilight Zone..
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    The Proper remake discussion

    I proper remake would be nice. It would give the canon "fans" *wink* a project to focus their energies on. And like Spacemage said, if something is messed up we could always use the proper remake as a launch point.
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    Merchants' needs and Dynamic economy

    *Kowtows before Klauss* But really IF you can do this it would put PrivR (more likely a WCU project) in the top 1% of all games in its genre. A major element that the orginal was missing (game play not GFX) was a good economic model. Combined with a compelling faction system Priv would be...
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    Militia Paradigms?

    Vodka! Got some in my desk. Cheers!
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    Where can you get the Drayman from?

    Lets just say that unlimited supplies of cargo are outside the scope of PrivR. Try here if you want to discuss this.
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    Official WCU flamewar / infighting thread!

    I think that dressing in drag should be enough to push you over the edge in the vote Bob. Please post pics. Thanks.
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    Hadrian's intro animation

    OK nix my conserns then. Also please keep the MSN chime (lower the volume a little, it will be an easer egg :P).
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    Where can you get the Drayman from?

    Ohh god not this argument.
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    Militia Paradigms?

    Well the hope is eventually we will want to say the same things. Consensis is good :) I now offically know more about militias that I ever wanted to. My brain hurts.
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    Militia Paradigms?

    Well the only mention in the artical of militias acting as police are the Militsiya, and nowhere in the Militsiya artical did it say militsiya translates into militia (though it did say Militiya should not be translated into the engilsh word "police"). All other examples of militias were citizen...