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    Saving Midway

    Never tried not saving the Kilrathi. This time I killed them, but later on have difficulty saving the Midway in the mission where the Kilrathi return the favour. Just wondering is it possible to win this mission without the help of the Kilrathi?
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    Prophecy: Secret OPS

    By the way Kris did the full Secret Ops thingy still was boring. As I said plot scences whether its movie or 3D makes the game more interesting and it just didnt have it. Truth to tell game plots are never as good as books, which is understandable, if I have to read a plot I would just as soon...
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    Thanks klaus for the insignia. What I dont get wasnt Hawk a colonel? Why was he wearing the insignia for a captain? Did they just have it the wrong way around or was I looking at it wrong. Blair had that cross thingy and the lieutant colonel insignia was he both or what. Have to admit they...
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    Wing commander 6 and privateer 3

    Earthworm I know SO was supposed to be the sequel but in my opinion Origin would have been doing itself a supreme favour if they had not wasted its time and money making a game that was a complete waste of time and about as interesting as watching a blank wall. I know of course we payed out no...
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    Does Origin listen to us?

    Well personally I think it would be nice if they did read this chat board then they just might get an idea of where the wind is blowing. However realism rears its ugly head and I just cant see a Origin department or person dedicated to seeing what the fans or customers want. I kinda liked...
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    Has anyone played...

    What is CGI by the way? Sorry if I have asked this question before. Dont know whats so wrong with it after all the first two WC were not movie scences and they were good games for those times. With the new advances being made in 3D imagery I am sure Origin could provide a great game at a much...
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    Yeah I know TC was just hoping to bring the topic back on track thats all.
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    They should do more FMV games...

    Question what does CGI stand for?
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    Has anyone played...

    Has anyone played Gabriel Knight 3. I was wondering if the 3D graphic images of the characters would be a good way for Origin to go in WCP. I personally thought they were done reasonably well. Would that method cut down on actors cost or would it still be just as expensive to hire them as voices.
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    What are?

    Have played few multiplayer games. Just need to know what people find so great about them. 1. Do they have a plot line? 2. Do they have scenes which show you the progression of the plot? 3. Is it uninterrupted gameplay? In other words are you ever cut off the internet and have to...
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    Ah excuse me people think we have lost the plot or something. I was talking about the insignia of the game, what each rank insignia of the characters in WCP are not the chat board.
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    Will we EVER see another WC Game??

    Hate to say this but not everyone lives in the USA. Internet fees and internet connection are not that great in Australia. Playing online games is a waste of time because after two hours you might get kicked off. I have not yet heard of excellent foolproof communications network being setup...
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    Prophecy: Secret OPS

    marcml just a personal opinion here but you really are not missing much in WCSO. It was one of the worst Origin games I was ever foolish enough to play. Great graphics and gameplay aside, plot was practically non-existant. Continual bash and kill in my viewpoint in just plain boring without...
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    A number of people are saying I-War is good. Heard a number of great reviews too. Although it is almost like sacrilage to say it's better than WCP. I personally like a half decent plot line with movie or cartoon scenes showing the plot in my Sims/adventure games. Does I-War have this?
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    Will we EVER see another WC Game??

    From a business sense I can see Origin's point of view multiplayer are great revenue. However if they go soley MP they are also great fools. Not everyone likes multiplayer. I dont and I am sure quite a large percentage of WC players also dont. If they only provide muliplayer games they are...
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    Space Marshal

    If an Admiral is an Aministrator what is a Space Marshal? Apologies if this question has already been asked.
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    Why doesn't Mark wanna do any more WC stuff?

    What was it that people hated about Casey was he that bad an actor or just that he was new and they had not gotten used to him? The only thing I didnt like was that he always appeared to be grinning at inappropriate moments. Like when he was being told off ie when Blair walks in on the four...
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    Confederation draft

    On a sideline was there a population expolosion or what? For a war to go on for 30 odd years the death rate must have larger than the population growth rate. Considering this did they have incubators to produce the next generation and if not why did they ever allow the women to be in the armed...
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    Exact rank of Terrence "Zero" O'Hearn in WCP

    Was Zero really a Major? Will have to replay the SO missions again dont recall that. How come he was promoted to Major and all the others are still 1st lieutants? Was he longer in the field? Perform as feat of bravery or what?
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    Wouldnt that depend on genre. After all a good game in adventure could hardly be compared with a sims game or RPG. Different genres have different requirements. Adventure - Tex Murphy Overseer Sims (?) Wing commander Prophecy RPG - Ultima Ascension Action - Thief the Dark Project Stragey -Age...