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    Origin's Space Rogue Added To GOG Lineup (November 25, 2016)

    It does indeed sound like an earlier-generation attempt at the same kind of immersive universe.
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    New 3D Thread

    I always enjoy these little excerpts from Maniac's narrative.
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    Righteous Playthrough of Privateer and Expansion (September 22, 2016)

    I agree. Maybe the Demon--faster and more nimble than the Centurion, but one level less of shields/powerplant and smaller gun capacitor pool.
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    couple quick questions about WC2

    I felt that line gave the scene a sense of "it never ends, does it?", "it" meaning not just the war but the ongoing cycles within the war.
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    What if the "WC: Standoff" best ending happened?

    Destruction doesn't have to mean a planet-shattering kaboom like the Behemoth or the Temblor Bomb. It could be achieved just as effectively by nuking the biosphere out of existence--if the atmosphere becomes permanently unbreathable and nothing can live on the planet, then it is essentially...
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    Star Citizen reaches 1.5M Backers, $120M Funding

    As of this weekend, Star Citizen has now reached two new milestones: One and a half million backers, and $120 million in funds raised! At this rate, 2 million backers and $150 million seem reachable.
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    Best Contraption For Mass Destruction (July 5, 2016)

    The drawback on the Temblor Bomb though, is that its destructive capacity is directly related to the target planet/moon's geological instability. Only a handful of planets are as unstable as Kilrah, whereas a planet like Earth would not actually be fractured, though it would probably produce...
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    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    I like the portrayal of Sivar here--he reminds me of Odin--blind yet still wise and powerful, and willing to act humble in order to make a point.
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    Purchasing new laptops

    Quad-core i5 and eight gigabytes of DDR3 RAM are the minimum specs to run S42/Star Citizen, more or less.
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    star wars rogue one teaser trailer

    The whole notion of having to "retrieve" the stolen plans was stupid--they're information--ideas, not substance--stuff that can be carried in the brain rather than the hands. Even if they weren't computer files that can be copied electronically, even if they were just blueprints on paper, it...
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    Space Sim Eterium Released (April 24, 2014)

    The cockpits and map screen definitely feel like Wing Commander.
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    Hilthros and Sirius

    Perhaps, but that still implies that there are lesser officers' schools in the Confederation.
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    Hilthros and Sirius

    Most nebulae are in fact hundreds or thousands of times thinner than the air that we breathe--it's just that looking through millions of kilometers of this thin gas is enough to give fairly strong opacity (compared to the dozens of kilometers of sea-level-equivalent air that would give similar...
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    Travel time jump lines and across systems.

    A lot does depend on where the jump points are within a system. For example, let's say hypothetically that there are two jump points in Sol System, both of which are near the orbit of Neptune, but on opposite sides. That places them nearly eight light-hours apart. Even if you can get up to...
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    Wing Commander Prophecy: Unlimited

    I like the slightly randomized refire delay because it adds the impression that each shot is being triggered manually by a gunner instead of automatically.
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    Open questions thread from Ginger Lynn Allen

    Yes, but it seems to be canon that whomever you choose for your wing besides Maniac and Vagabond will die (Maniac and Vagabond will eject and survive).
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    Then this happened...

    In the now-no-longer-canon Expanded Universe novels, Anakin was supposedly created by The Force as a reaction against Palpatine and his master trying to pervert it.
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    Interesting tidbit about Border Worlds/Gemini

    Yes, and I used the CSA example because (slavery/racial issues aside), it was a secessionist union that was formed because a number of members were dissatisfied with what they saw as abusive treatment of them by the central government, same as with the formation of the UBW.
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    Interesting tidbit about Border Worlds/Gemini

    Well, not every Border World joined the Union of Border Worlds, any more than every slaveholding state joined the Confederate States of America.
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    Star Citizen guild- oops, I mean squadron...

    But seriously, if you're on a budget, you should have at least 12 GB of DDR3 RAM, an i5 CPU, and a good video card (mine is Radeon R9 270).