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  1. Dean478

    Cargo Haul: Australian Kilrathi Saga Edition (January 15, 2020)

    I can't see it in the photo, but there is also a 1997/2673 Calendar too? The rating system here is VERY inconsistent and hardly tolerant, I can assure you! Many games now are being refused classification, even with our new shiny R18+ rating simply because the board refuses to properly...
  2. Dean478

    WCM: What does Paladin say...

    I'm guessing that's just standard trailer editing. In a lot of trailers they frequently cut lines or you hear dialogue but see characters the characters in a different scene/angle. My guess is that it's for drama in the trailer but also to keep those scenes fresh in the movie, so you're not...
  3. Dean478

    A returning pilot :)

    You're just experiencing Wing Commander 3 for the first time? I'm totally envious... :)
  4. Dean478

    RSI Pledge Thread

    Thank you, didn't see that. :)
  5. Dean478

    RSI Pledge Thread

    Do you think they'll let us buy small upgrades in the future? I was going to add-on the digital novella but I've been unable to get through to the website for some time tonight and I'm too tired to stay up any longer. :/
  6. Dean478

    Empire vs Confederation

    I knew I'd forget the most obvious example... :) I'm suspecting this is the sort of detail I've yet to see from the fiction. It's nice to see all the replies so far.
  7. Dean478

    Empire vs Confederation

    If there is one thing I'm having a slight difficulty accepting, it's this futuristic government in Star Citizen. I've not yet read all the lore updates, so I apologise if I ask a pointless question. In Wing Commander we had the Terran Confederation. It certainly seemed to mirror modern day...
  8. Dean478

    RSI Pledge Thread

    Once the pledge hits $2 million does it end?! I still haven't been paid yet! :(
  9. Dean478

    Robert's games you have owned in your gaming career

    Owned all the Lancers, Commanders and 'Teers. :)
  10. Dean478

    RSI Pledge Thread

    Wingnut for me. "Colonel" sounds all too familiar. ;) Bit disappointing about the lack of blue prints. The other options are just too expensive. :)
  11. Dean478

    RSI Announcement: Live and Post-Live Thread

    Why couldn't the audience members ask some REAL IMPORTANT questions? I knew we'd hear is "end-game this or The Old Republic that and MMOs/MMORPG/MMOGs/bloody etc"... >_< -Who was the enemy in that trailer?! Are they Kilrathi inspired or Kilrathi re-imagined? -The logo is clearly the Terran...
  12. Dean478

    Gamestop interview: Chris Roberts: Why I've Come Back to Gaming

    Please be a Wing Commander reboot! Please! The first thing that came to my mind when seeing that carrier was the original Tiger's Claw. The green colour, the look of it. Just screams Bengal Carrier. And the fighters? They looked like the original rapiers! When you look at the writing though...
  13. Dean478

    Please join our sim!

    Oh this could be a lot of fun! What's the rules with pilot roles? In the games it seemed like anyone could be a fighter pilot or bomber pilot as required. I'd very much like to get involved with this I think. But I need to flesh out a back story. Not sure if I wanna be the standard fighter...
  14. Dean478

    Open questions thread from Ginger Lynn Allen

    I wasn't even a teenager when WC3 came out so romance wasn't a priority for my character... amazing how different that is now in my 20's! Rachel and Blair were a perfect match in my opinion and the uncertainty between the two (until Angel's fate was revealed) created some great tension and I...
  15. Dean478

    Strike Carrier Escorts & Move Air Masks

    Sorry I took so long to write back. Thank you very much for the information, pretty much answered all my questions. Not quite sure what else to say! :)
  16. Dean478

    Strike Carrier Escorts & Move Air Masks

    Hello, I've got two quick questions that I couldn't find answers for. First one is regarding Strike Carriers. When WC was first released, I just assumed that we never saw any close escorts with the Tiger's Claw because of technical limitations of PCs at the time. Later on however in both the...
  17. Dean478

    Wing Commander Academy DVD

    Well I doubt we'll ever see a region 4 version. Maybe we can get some photos of people having fun while watching Academy, that way I feel a little warm inside as well? :(
  18. Dean478

    Cobra was a spy...

    Technically, I think that's the same thing?
  19. Dean478

    Movie Uniforms

    I like them because they are so different. The first reaction I had was "is that what the military is going to wear in a few hundred years?" Otherwise no I would prefer not to see them...
  20. Dean478

    Pick Your Poison in New Poll (April 29, 2012)

    I did enjoy WCV but I don't want to see a continuation of it. The heart of this game will always be the struggle against the Kilrathi. If the next game follows the same continuity I'd love to see something set during the early days of the war or perhaps a parallel perspective (eg: WC: Saga)...