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    According to the poll, more people think that Blair is alive than dead. Hope springs eternal at the CIC. Besides Blair deserves to end his days with dignity, not a prisoner of the bugs, which is my personal theory. To quote Optimus Prime "Heros never die." And to quote Commodore Tolwyn...
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    Peace with the bugs?

    Hey all, What would you write for the 2nd and 3rd installments of a prophecy trilogy? What would you bring about the bugs ultimate downfall, or the conquest of humanity? Just curious...
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    WC1 Aces

    Definitely Bhurak was the hardest to kill, of course for those of us who are "Aces" ourselves, it was a piece of cake. ;) (After two or three tries anyways)
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    Real Life Mandarins

    I'm only going to quote this last part, because I think it illustrates best what ridiculous ideas you have. If you were to be born in a communist country, they don't let you leave...ever. They don't let you travel around the country you're in, unless you're part of the "elite." They don't pay...
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    2 questions about secret ops and prophecy and some Ideas for mods

    That has to be the most ridiculous mod idea I have ever heard.:mad: This is Wing Commander not Dungeons & Dragons, or Dead Horse Beating Z otherwise known as Dragon Ball Z. A better idea would be something more believable, like a secret Tolwyn network had come together to bring down confed...
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    Wing Commader III

    I've held up fifteen people that way. How do you think I afford all this Wing Commander stuff?;)
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    Hats off to the UE Team

    a great big THANK YOU to the UE team for such a remarkable gaming experience. I finally got to download and play UE Last night. At first I thought, come on, it can't be as good as the original. But I was wrong. I've even found myself whistling the UE theme while I was driving to work this...
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    Unfortunatley, that is about all we can do...:(
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    Who has WCW Backstage Assault?

    NO!!!!!!! Please, say there is no such thing... :eek:
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    Best movie quote

    Yeah but I'm taller :SPEED Just anxious to go up and whoop ET's Ass :Independance Day No, I am your father :Um guess I thought they smelled bad on the outside : Same movie
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    Real Life Mandarins

    Not everyone that died on 9/11 was an American. Terror doesn't distinguish between nations either. As for "corporate raiders", since when is trying to get ahead an evil thing. Does everyone want to make minimum wage for the rest of their lives?:mad:
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    Promotion party...

    oh man, dinner is still too far away....:(
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    Favorite all time movie

    well duh:rolleyes:
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    Favorite all time movie

    Speaking of TV shows from movies... Ghostbusters was a pretty good cartoon after the movie, so was Men in Black.
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    Worst movie, ever.

    I did not know that....:)
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    When real life imitates Wing Commander

    Historically speaking, mankind must expand it's horizons. Man has always pushed boundaries, and it is when we stop pushing those limits that we stagnate. Whether that means expanding upwards or maybe down into the ocean has yet to be determined but rest assured Mankind will continue to reach...
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    Who hates cats? Do cats exist here?

    What? How can that be, with all the stupid posts...;)
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    Best movie quote

    Guess you had to be there for that one...:p Best Quote: We want... a shrubery!
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    Promotion party...

    Won't be the last one...:D
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    Favorite Wing Commander Movie Scene

    The opening music... before I saw the rest of the movie.:rolleyes: