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    Breaking News: Electronic Arts 'Taps Privateer (March 9, 2006)

    The big question is: "will that be the original DOS-version of privateer or a ported new windows-version???????"
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    the website?

    @cyberion you have a dead link in the 3D-models section ->bradmick's models are linked to yours too...
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    Clawhammers too easy

    what is a clawhammer???
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    Can't use tractor beam?

    using the tractor beam on the turret is very difficult! I have to center the target and fire the beam a long time and my ship must not fly to much away from the target... is it impossible to change the functions of the tractor beam to original priv like? there you only have to lock the...
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    Mil Spec Centurion

    milspec centurion costs 400.000
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    Please describe WCU!!

    Hi! I've read a long time ago something about WCU but I'm not clear about all its features! You want to include the whole plot from WC1-3 (or 1-5 I think) depending on the big WC Starmap (with 8 sectors, 1 of them is e.c. Gemini) which was shipped with the WC-5 game (in my case) And is WCU...
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    Mount Enchacement questions...

    is it possible to mount a tractor beam on a turret (like original privateer)???? i don't wanna miss 1 of 4 guns and also 1 of 2 rocket holds....
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    New ship purchased, but RADAR is still mounted in the old one?

    ok I see it! the items which were transferred in the original can be sold with their full buying price, so its no problem to sell from the old and buy to the new ship...
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    New ship purchased, but RADAR is still mounted in the old one?

    how can I transfer the Radar to the new one? also the jump drive and the software should be transferred. how does this work?? please help!
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    I'm gonna have some fun!

    i think (hope) never privateer 2 was quite nothing against Privateer 1 the next project for this great developer team is the "Wing Commander Universe" which became the most awesome game!!
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    just downloaded the remake

    to play privateer you MUST have a joystick... without a joystick it wouldn't be privateer... look in some shops, cheap joysticks doesn't cost much....
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    New Gladius Model

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!! Spectacular!!!!!
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    Flight Dynamics Question

    the privateer physics was a mixture of newtonian and aerodynamics.... when you look at your ship in the original from an external cam (F9) and turn it around you see that it drifts! (not so much as in vega, but it does) the aerodynamic physic like in freelancer or PRIVATEER 2 was...
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    Second Privateer addon possible?

    Hi! When you guys have finished your awesome work and have chilled out some time what do you think about a second addon (after Righteous Fire)? we could name it like "Revival of Steltek" for example.. :) It could be made after finishing the big WC-Universe and use the whole map of...
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    Looking for ALL Images/pictures of PRIVATEER ship TARSUS for a Lego Model.

    hi! very good idea! privateer 2 story has nothing to do with priv1
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    3D cockpits

    AMAZING!!! I can't believe it!!
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    Remodel/texture the Mining and Refinery Base

    woow! from where do you have this original mining image?!?!? this has much more quality then from old priv ingame!!! edit: oh i found it maybe we can contact the creator of this site and the mining base model to get it?
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    Quality Assurance Version 1.0

    can anyone please remove this terrible race strips painted on the tarsus? the tarsus is an old "wreck" and no "fast and the furious" toy for kiddies... :-)
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    small hp bug...

    hi! on the readme-site of the enhancement patch, the little picture on the left is missing. on the url there is a " after the adress of the picture, so it is dead! see here
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    Download v4.65

    different language doesnt matter... maybe some unchanged parts of the game would still be in german, but likely most of the game have been changed!