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  1. emitcollect

    Selling my collection of space combat sims...

    It's hard to know how to value it, since there isn't really a precedent for it (that I'm aware of). In my mind. it's basically the ultimate space sim collectible, and if I had deep pockets, I'd pay $10k for it. Is there someone else out there who values it similarly? No idea! (Bear in mind this...
  2. emitcollect

    Selling my collection of space combat sims...

    PayPal works. Note that the autographed WC1 is currently up on eBay for $4,999.99. I can be haggled, though. For the Playtester's Guide or anything else, quote me whatever's fair to you. (DM me, I guess?) Also, in case it's not apparent, the front, bottom-right corner of the Playtester's...
  3. emitcollect

    Selling my collection of space combat sims...

    Woof, sorry this took so long, but all my stuff was stored at my parents' house, and it took me this long to ship it over and start photographing. Here's a link to a photo album: Note that there are two copies of Wing Commander 1: one is the...
  4. emitcollect

    Selling my collection of space combat sims...

    Hey folks, long time no see.... Not sure if this is against forum rules or not, so feel free to delete if this is. Long story short, I'd like to unload a bunch of games I've accumulated over the years, a large portion of which are space combat sims, from Elite to around the Freelancer period...
  5. emitcollect

    First encounter with Bhurak Starkiller in WC1 (mission 5)

    I've generally done it as Oggy describes. Just head straight in and land a bunch of shots on the first pass. If that isn't quite enough, you should be able to nab him as he begins to flee.
  6. emitcollect

    1990 CGW Review of Wing Commander

    Also worth noting is WC1's Game of the Year write-up (Nov. 1991, pg. 58): CGWs Game of the Year Now, however, is the time for the confetti to fly, the noise makers to blow, the applause to reverberate from every wall and the champagne corks to pop like artillery at Waterloo. The winner of...
  7. emitcollect

    Ask Ben a Question!

    Can I link back to this thread from the RSI forums?
  8. emitcollect

    RSI Pledge Thread

    Nope. You've got time!
  9. emitcollect

    #wingnut v2 - Come To #Wingnut, Or Else!

    Hey, is the irc server down? Can't seem to connect.
  10. emitcollect

    RSI Pledge Thread

    I pledged $250. I might pledge more because I really want this to hit the $5 million+ stretch goals, but the $500 rewards aren't enticing enough. I'd consider plunking down $1000 for, say, an original work of concept art by Ryan Church, or a large reproduction signed by the team leads. Or...
  11. emitcollect

    WCPedia: The 2011-2012 Thread

    I added box descriptions for SO2, WC3, WC4, and WC:Academy. I also added screen captions and bullet points to WC:Armada's description. Tomorrow I'll work on adding system requirements for games that still need them.
  12. emitcollect

    WCPedia: The 2011-2012 Thread

    AD: Thanks. I did try moving it around and floating it, but it didn't seem to mesh well with the floating images that were already there. Dundradel, If you're going to update MediaWiki, I'll wait till then, since the toclimit stuff in current MediaWiki looks like it'd do the job...
  13. emitcollect

    WCPedia: The 2011-2012 Thread

    Hey, so I was going to work on making the Wing Commander 1 TOC not push all the content so far down. I tried to use some of the MediaWiki markup that's supposed to reduce the depth of headings listed in the TOC, but it looks like we're missing the relevant templates. I can try adding them, but...
  14. emitcollect

    BREAKING NEWS: Roberts Space Industries: Big Announcement Coming In October (September 10, 2012)

    I converted that binary number into decimal (614412) and hexadecimal (9600c), and didn't see anything interesting about them. Then I converted it to octal: 2260014. Did a Google image search for that number and the first result was this...