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    Scenario 2 Comment Thread

    Oops. Forgot that they were turretted AMGs. Which I knew. Ahem. The gunnery officer responsible for this minor error has been sacked...
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    Wing Commander MUSH revival?

    Dear god. The WC:RH economy system was a randomized godawful mess. Trust me, you do NOT want that code. It ... no. Just, no. Otherwise, goat, this thing you ask of me -- I could not do, for I did not retain any of the code. There were others. Good luck on that.
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    Confed Patrols in Privateer

    No longer having a copy of the game... was there an official "letter of marque" that Brownhair was issued? Or that the privateers in general were getting, that authorized them to fly heavily armed civilian craft?
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    Game 4: Comment Thread

    Maybe for the Severely Optional Rules? :) (Or, in old grognard thoughts, the kind of rules that popped up in the zine a few months after the game came out...)
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    Scenario 2 Comment Thread

    Sensibility? Heavens. Though this has been a delightfully sensible game so far...
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    Table Top RPG

    Personally, I'd thought to use the Traveller system -- but I could see the BSG / Cortex system.
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    Confed or Kilrathi mini-campaign?

    Hey, it does happen sometimes -- but usually there's Plot Reasons there. :) In a GM'd campaign where there's Super Sekrit goings on -- like, say, one of your pilots is actually a Mandarin responsible for blowing up a famous capital ship -- it might be more likely that the GM / Moderator /...
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    Scenario 2 Comment Thread

    I would argue yes. I seem to remember launching torpedoes and losing them barely two seconds off the rail in WC2, when the flak got crazy. (It's why I always waited for the last possible second to launch torps, myself.)
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    Scenario 2 Comment Thread

    I've submitted override orders for Sylvester, if he can't get anything of his own in.
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    Asteroid fields

    So, the obvious question now: can units IN the asteroid field tail units OUTSIDE the asteroid field? Because obviously, I'll want to tail Avacar.
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    flying off the map

    Possibly not a bad idea. I'm put in mind also of a rule from Star Warriors (the old Star Wars tabletop starfighter game), which in the advanced rules had a "rolling tabletop" -- if you hit the edge of the map, move back one full movement, and move everyone over as much to shift the map into...
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    Game 4: Comment Thread

    Okay, because SOMEONE has to say it: "YOU CAN NOT DEFEAT THE DRAKHAI!" After a while, that one REALLY got old during the Special Operations games... The voice actor did this perfectly piercing shriek.
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    Scenario 2 Comment Thread

    Well, actually, Zeta 2 is showing Zeta 1's movement orders, I think... Zeta 1 did the shelton slide.
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    Game 4 Contestants

    I know I'm no rookie. I just fly like one...
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    Flak in v0.14 too powerful?

    Agreed. Stacking flak seems a bit over-strong.
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    I miss Mushing

    Ah, I was on that cusp -- first I MUDded, then I MUSHed. Now I occasionally MOO. I occasionally think fondly of RH. 'Course, I occasionally spit and snarl at the thought of RH too. It was what it was -- which was fun, for some time. It'd be interesting to see something similar tried, with a...
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    Due to health reasons...

    Man, that sounds rough -- best of luck to you and I hope everything works out swiftly and well.
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    Scenario 2 Comment Thread

    Sorry, Zeta 2, about that. Thought we could beat the odds on that flak fly-through...
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    McCall Industries Still Hard at Work (April 5, 2008)

    Awwww. You're a sweetheart. C'mere, give me a hug. And now you settle in to making some valid points. I'm actually not "raging against the machine," however. I really just don't like the Rapier I from the movie. I think it's ugly as sin and prefer the aesthetics of the Rapier II, and wish...
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    A question & then a proposal:

    Don't hold back, LeHah! Tell us what you REALLY think of the series!