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    Wing Commander RPG

    Hello, Are you going to portrait or Landscape your problem? That might reduce it if it mostly charts buy a few pages. and then make the size of the font slightly smaller if it is landscape say if it is 12 reduce it to 10. I hope this idea helps.
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    Wing Commander RPG

    nicely done for the chapter pages. :)
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    Wing Commander RPG

    I think paladin will be better then the tolwyn scene. I agree with you for that one.
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    Wing Commander RPG

    these are the ideas i have for source images Chapter 2 characters either a briefing scene from one of the wing commander games Chapter 3 from the cartoon a technician working on a fighter or movie chapter 4 the traitor talking to the kilrathi Chapter 5 the commerce in p2 or p1 chapter 6 a...
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    Excellent job!

    I have been involved with wing commander since before wing commander 3 came out. and lurking on the boards forever.
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    Make the game easier, Please :-(

    Well here is a simple solution to the problem the guide is done with versions and updates. I know that it would be tedious to go through the mission code and get all the information, but why not publish a guide and say it is version 0.1 and then go from there. and then have contact if there...