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  1. Supdon3

    Evading Missles

    NOTHING is as bad as the save the Ralari mission;)
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    Someone wouldnt by any chance be able to point me at one of those mods hmmm?
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    Which PC game are you most looking forward to?

    And the nice thing is that you can get Cataclysm for about ten bucks now. After discovering the pure joy that is Homeworld I had to get Cataclysm and convieniently found it at a local Gamestop.
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    The Word Game

  5. Supdon3

    Iceman's Pistol

    Style man, pure style.
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    Catscratch's death in WC 4

    There is an expression to "86 something" which is basically to "get rid of" or cancel. im pretty sure. I never really thought about it before
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    The first time i played it was the demo and it felt like they had made a game out of the WC movie. I mean, look at the bombers, big torpedoes on the outside just like the Broadswords in the movie. The general fighter stuff seemed to have heavy influence from the movie from a gameplay point of...
  8. Supdon3

    Catscratch's death in WC 4

    Was that the only consequence of not saving Catscratch? Its almost tempting to let him die after going from idolising Bliar to idolising Maniac, but then Blair wouldnt be the hero he is.
  9. Supdon3

    Wing Commander 3 Impossible Mission

    I think there was a crack in the ground that you lock onto. But you shouldnt have any problem finding it if you follow the nav point.
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    Which PC game are you most looking forward to?

    Homeworld 2 is a non-FPS im looking forward too.
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    Is Palpatine Darth Sidious?

    DARk lord of the siTh isnt so bad, Blair being BLue hAIR and Kilrathi are kill with wrath which isnt exactly the same but close.
  12. Supdon3

    Freelancer MP

    Do they have a monthly charge or one time fee besides buying the game in the first place to play Freelancer online?
  13. Supdon3

    Startrek Invasion

    Uh, it seems to have gotten a little away from the original topic here (cause that never happens ;) ) but I thought Invasion was great too, unfortunatly my memory card got wiped one day while i was halfway through it and just remembering having to tow all those life pods that were being sucked...
  14. Supdon3

    Which PC game are you most looking forward to?

    Doom 3 looks really great but it seems like it will only be a really really good looking revamp of the old Doom games. Half-Life 2 though looks like it will make me be amazed at everything i see just like with the first one.
  15. Supdon3

    Info needed. VERY important

    There seemd like a ton of Snakiers during the secret missions. Just kept blowing up one after the other.
  16. Supdon3

    Info needed. VERY important

    The only regular carrier fo the Kilrathi at the time of WC1 that I can think of is the Snakier.
  17. Supdon3

    Fighters aboard Carriers

    But it certianly helps if a fighter is coming in too fast but doesnt swerve away in time. Just flies on through. At least one benefit.
  18. Supdon3

    Gwen 'Archer' Bowman

    I can see the being killed flying the Broadsword but I just figured that his crappy flying in WC1 was just so that the game had a wide spectrum of pilots with varying degrees of skill.
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    I think everyone needs to settle down

    You cant really help the POing thing, but you definitly dont have to keep arguing with them. Something even the best of us forget sometimes.
  20. Supdon3

    Best and Worst WC acting?

    If anyone deserved it...:)