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    Tolwyn : Multiple Personalities Disorder

    Tolwyn is the perfect example of "those who stare too long into the abyss risk being consumed by it." He became his enemy. After thirty years on the front lines, fighting the Kilrathi, he came to understand them and their motivations better than those of his own people. Thus, when he became...
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    The Best Novel

    Fleet Action, End Run, False Colors, Freedom Flight, Heart of the Tiger, Action Stations, Price of Freedom. In that order.
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    Space sim games (SW Episode II Spoilers)

    Owen specifically said he was Anakin's step-brother.
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    Thrak'hra and Kilrah'hra

    Also, I believe that Ralgha is actually referred to directly as Thrak'hra in "Freedom Flight"
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    Well sorry everyone....

    I once heard of using a projector and a blank wall for a monitor. Apparently playing games on a seven-foot wall is very impressive.
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    I have to differ with you here. A human with a rifle and bayonet can skewer a Cat before the Cat gets in range to use his claws. A bayonet-tipped rifle is effectively a spear. Of course, better to just shoot the damn Cat before it gets to hand-to-hand level. Or play dead, until the Cat...
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    Who is most evil?

    As for the 'genetic purity' bullshit, any sort of genetic 'purity' is usually arrived at through ideology. Ideology is rarely associated with reality in any way, especially that kind. You could try to come up with the genetically 'pure' and end up with a dead race, because nobody measures up...
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    Yeah, Dekker mentions expertise in hand-to-hand combat in WC4.
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    WC3 Movie list

    Well, here is the WC4 movie list, as promised, and boy, is it long... WC4 Movie list Disk 1 Movie 1: Intro Movie 2: Blair and Maniac arrive at Confed HQ Movie 3: Blair and Eisen reunion Movie 4: Blair and Vagabond reunion Movie 5: Briefing: fly escort against pirates Movie 6...
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    WC3 Movie list

    Don't think so. I should have WC4 up in a couple days.
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    WC3 Movie list

    This is going to be huge, but I went through the WC3 movies when I downloaded the WC movie viewer from HCl's site. I wrote up a list, so you don't have to guess what the numbers are: WC3 movies Disk 1 CD1MOVIE.TRE: Movie 1: Origin Logo Movie 2: Intro Movie 3: Blair & Hobbes...
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    Who here is a Kilrathi sympathizer?

    I imagine Cats would be stringy and taste bad. Just kill 'em, don't bother eatin' 'em.
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    Phase Shields?

    The Exeter is listed as having four laser cannons in the CIC's ship database. In Claw Marks, it says the ship's armament is classified.
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    Muppets in Space

    Not necessarily. cf. Capt. O'Brian, in End Run.
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    Fleet Action -> Kilrathi dreadnoughts

    Yeah, Maniac was good, no doubts there. He wouldn't have lasted as long as he did otherwise.
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    SM1 Problem

    Does anybody have any tips for getting through the defense part of the first Vigrid mission in SM1? I keep getting swamped by about six or seven Gratha pounding the crap out of the Claw, and can't kill 'em fast enough to save the carrier. And the other Rapiers out there don't do squat.
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    Free ks

    Hasn't this been closed yet?
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    Wingman bios online?

    I believe he lost family members in a Kilrathi attack.
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    Free ks

    Apparently he didn't get the message when the first time he tried posting it, the mods scrambled it.
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    False Colors with possible Spoiler

    Okay, this is wierd. I just got a copy of False Colors, and it has William H. Keith's name on the cover. Yet I have heard elsewhere, and seen a picture with Andrew Keith's name on it. What's going on?