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    WC: Sins of Solar Empire Conversion

    Sorry, that I didn't express me right. I was talking about a selection (before a game) between the timelines. Because, as you mentioned, there are people, who liked the era of Wing Commander 2&2 and other who prefer 3&4. So if you are one of those who liked the old fashion of Wing Commander...
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    WC: Sins of Solar Empire Conversion

    So far, so good! :) What's about you idea to have a kind of "Switch/Option" to select the timline, means Wing Commander 1 & 2 and Wing Commander 3 &4? The Passcard looks good.
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    Sins of Empire modding?

    Hey guys: ;)
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    Progress Update #3

    I think the Idea of more RPG and Interaction is great. Privateer 1 was a great game, but the lag of interaction (beside the storyline) was sad. It would be great if the universe arround you acts more like in one of those "Eldar Scrolls - Games". Like you land on a carrier (or other kind of...
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    Wing Commander Mod for Galactic Civilisations 2?

    hm,... well modding such a game without a "3d-artist" is hopeless. And than that problem with the "hart points". A big part in GalCiv2 is creating or editing your ships. if you can't do that because the models are not coresponding with the hart points, then the mod is unusable,... sad,...
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    WC: Sins of Solar Empire Conversion

    Yes, would be great! But it is hard to find poeple with the needed skills, especially 3d-modeling. Well, Howard Day would be awsome, but I think he is busy! ;-) But I would love to see your success with the mod. Sadly lot of startet Wing Commander Mods had been droped/canceled. Based on the...