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  1. Bloodwolf

    New Here

    thanks Everyone for a warm Welcome. some of you asked on what are some of my Favorite things about WC. I love a lot about it Special like the Wc1 to 3 with the war , the war had the best story lines and missions.though my favorite Fighter is the Vampire from the WC5.Plus I have decided to...
  2. Bloodwolf

    Mass Effect 3

    Loved all the Mass effect games and can't wait for another one.Specially Enjoying the Mplayer its really fun when you go online with friends and do wave like gears.
  3. Bloodwolf

    New Here

    Hi everyone Just wanted to say Hello and that I'm new here .Followed cic news for a long time just never signup for the forms till now .eager to talk about Wing Commander and the New Roberts Game Star Citizen. It looks really good I like to do graphics and movies play Swtor and Dcuo but really...