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  1. Manboy

    Original Wing Commander Artist Here.

    Wow. It's great to see you posting here Denis! Love all the work you've done.. Also, thanks for your time and effort on the Non-Prophets - you guys are awesome.
  2. Manboy

    Flat Universe Reveals New Gameplay Trailer (May 7, 2014)

    This looks absolutely incredible. Stunning work so far guys.
  3. Manboy

    Wing Commander re-imagined...

    Truly gorgeous art. Star Citizen cannot come soon enough.
  4. Manboy

    Apparently the Kilrathi are actually bears.

    That's a pretty cool shout-out, says I..
  5. Manboy

    A random Wildcat appears..

    Ah awesome, was just thinking there may of been.
  6. Manboy

    A random Wildcat appears..

    I was browsing the net and came across something I instantly recognized... :)
  7. Manboy

    Catscratch and Vagabond

    I loved these two characters. I wasn't happy that Vagabond was lost (glad to see the actor in that new flick he's currently in, of which the name escapes me) and perturbed by the complete wright out of Catsratch no matter which path you choose in WC4. I thought that character had a lot more...
  8. Manboy

    Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

    ...and I can't watch it because I'm in Australia. It's an online show... It baffles the mind. Pirate Bay here I come.
  9. Manboy

    Starlight Inception Kickstarter - 10 hours to go.

    Wow. Funded with 20 minutes to go! Never mind sleepy Northern Hemisphere residents! ;) I'm interested to know though if anyone here chipped in for it?
  10. Manboy

    Starlight Inception Kickstarter - 10 hours to go.

    I should of done this earlier... ***Only 3 hours to go...*** Hi all. I'm not sure what peoiple's opinions are about the Kickstarter pheneomenon - I think it's been an amazing way to bring new ideas into frutition when there's nary a publisher in sight. New games like the Double Fine Adventure...
  11. Manboy

    Wing Commander Teaser (August 25, 2011)

    Nice find! I like something about that ad...
  12. Manboy

    BREAKING NEWS: Is Wing Commander Poised To Make a Comeback? (September 28, 2010)

    One thing's for certain: The world is full of Wing Commander fans... BioWare Guy Begins Campaign For Wing Commander Re-Release via Kotaku. Yeah, re-release followed by a full-blown sequel thanks... :)
  13. Manboy

    Wing Commander Themes Available for Cheap (May 19, 2010)

    It would be interesting to know how much of these themes have been sold. Is there anyway to find out?
  14. Manboy

    The Game Cartel

    Fair 'nuff :)
  15. Manboy

    The Game Cartel

    Eh, I'm bad at this. I don't think any of the current members truly believe that their vision of what they want the project to be is what it is actually going to become. We're all rational adults who understand the system that's in place. We also know that by providing detailed information about...
  16. Manboy

    The Game Cartel

    I'm sure it does. I have however not had the oppurtunity, nor do I possess the technical skills required to be an active part of a fan project. I'm enthusiastic about it because I'm now part of the design process for a retail video game and, well because what would be the point in starting a...
  17. Manboy

    The Game Cartel

    No, like I said, you also recieve a physical copy of the game once it's done - and $50us is less than half a game where I'm from. You seem to be hung up on the money situation. The thing is about being an adult is that you can put things into persperctive. It's just money. I'm not expecting...
  18. Manboy

    The Game Cartel

    I'm amazed at how cautious people are about this. Everytime I mention it people almost immediately think it's a scam. Well....I do understand why - this is the net after all. From what I can personally tell it is going to be made, and it is completely legit. The money gained from membership...
  19. Manboy

    The Game Cartel

    Okay before I start I'm completely aware that posting this will clash with rule number 4 - however I have tried to contact the Administrators as advised, though the e-mail bounced back. That said, I'm not publizicing any ordinary forum. It's a place for gamers who are interested in the game...