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    Saga Targets Content Milestone (July 29, 2011)

    That is a nice looking astroid! Still hope they copy the huge Arena one and throw it in there some where. :)
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    Dusting off the board

    I hope the mystery models are more fighters! :)
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    New trailer

    Those ships do look very sharp. Wish you guys would model more of them or at least put some of your other models in engine even though they wouldn't be part of the capaign. I know sounds like broken record but I hate to see cool models like that old morningstar one goto waste.
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    Favorite car.

    Just got it today so fucking happy I drove it home with a huge grin on my face the entire time. 1973 chevy Nova hatchback Ive been wanting a car like this since I was 15. Almost had one a couple different times this one is by no means perfect but if it was Id prob be scared to drive it. She...
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    Star Wars IV A New Hope question

    They made a big deal one giving Anakin that scar by his eye. In return of the jedi when darth vader removes his helmet is that scar there?
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    WC Prophecy multiplayer

    Kinda curious as to what kind of modes does prophecy multiplayer have? Im planning on getting my computer ready to play both prophecy and armada online for the cic birthday but I never seem to have anytime these days.
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    Has the wing commander movie killed the franchise?

    Im still hoping for the sequel to come out.
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    5 Best Pc Games According to you..

    1. StarCraft 2. Operation Flashpoint 3. Space Quest 4. Aliens vs Predator 5. Duke Nukem 3d Would of listed the wing commander games but im assuming you meant a list besides those.
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    Flashpoint is the game you want.
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    Wing Commander:The Kilrathi Saga

    No idea but I found me a complete copy at goodwill the other day for seven bucks. Very happy about that been looking for a copy for years.
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    And knowing is half the battle... :)
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    Tick bite

    That sounds crazy I'd go back to the doctor.
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    Buying a Vehicle that was not good

    Good Luck Up here in Michigan we only need plates, insurance and registration to have a car on the road. I pretty clueless as to what a inspection consists of and or why you would have to have one. Now since Ive been on a U-tube kick lately heres some funny vids(can't help it makes me...
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    5 Second Videos

    I don't know if anyone else stumbled acrossed these but I was surfing last night and was laughing my ass off at some of these vids on U tube. Most of the funny ones are done by the guy with glasses but one of my favorites is the one with the predator done by one of the many copycats that have...
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    Enemy Mine

    I always thought it was a pretty good movie.
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    Lucid Dreams

    I often have those deja vu type dreams where you realize later that you dreamed what is happening. Unfortunatly there is never any lottery numbers in them. :)
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    The Great Kilrathi-Esque Hunt!

    These are aliens from the Justice League cartoon episode hearts and minds. The plot is that despero is taking over the universe possessing various beings on all types of planets. There was a quick shot of these guys going down I always thought they looked like the kilrathi.
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    I Am Legend reviews

    I don't really know how to put say it. A cgi human monster is hard to make as scary and realistic as a well acted human monster. I don't know if that comes acrossed right. There are several close ups of the dark seekers faces. They just don't express the same emotion as a human monster. I...
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    First to Terra

    The cool thing about the Tarawa was that it made it to kilrah and back. Did any of the kilrathi ships that hit Terra make it back home to fight again?
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    Crappy version veterans?

    Crappy wing commander versions thats an oxymoron isn't it? My first game was part three heart of the tiger. At the time it didn't run on my computer very well so I would switch to playing the super nintendo quite abit. I was very surprise on a trip to the store that they had a wing commander...