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    How about an update

    Hey guys, all's been quiet here for over a month now. How about a little update about what's going on? Thanks
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    Question about modular components.

    What just happened here? ;-)
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    If he's a really great pilot (and got unlucky) will you be able to tractor him in and buy him a new ship so he'll keep working for you? (assuming you want to) Also will you ever get a chance to find a small ship docked to a fuel tanker (externally) and thus shoot the sitting duck (with the...
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    Still Alive

    Yay! Congrats man.
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    Hydra Cockpit WIP

    I believe that's quantity. The ship has 5 "your mom" in the manifest... Anyways, about the lighting, I do think the red lights look much better. But I also like the idea of switching, though IMO it should be optional and player controlled (if available at all).
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    Then What Happened? (May 3, 2006)

    I like the quote about the "movie." If you read it a certain way, you can read that before WC was put on hold by EA, they may have been considering another movie: "Blair deserved better, and maybe, one day, he’ll receive just treatment." Highly improbable, but possible? Anyways. I think...
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    Cockpits or no Cockpits

    As it is said in WCA (TV Series), No mission should be considered routine until it is over. But you're point is well taken. ;) On the subject of cockpits, I find that I used to prefer the no-cockpit style play. In low-res games, it was too hard to see what was going on with cockpit elements...
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    Shining Movie On A Hill (April 24, 2006)

    Fair enough, but it only appeared on the news page the day that the "worst" poll was there... So without reading the poll, people might have been voting down Wing Commander instead...
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    Question about modular components.

    Though I never looked on ebay (my bad, I forgot about that resource) I always look in the "classics" bin at my local software stores. I remember once years ago Privateer was there and I didn't buy it. I went back the next week to purchase it, and it was gone. I have not seen it since. I'll...
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    Shining Movie On A Hill (April 24, 2006)

    The link for the poll brought me to a poll asking to vote on the "worst video game to movie translation." Maybe we don't want people voting Wing Commander for that one... Oh, and that movie critic doesn't know what he's talking about. I enjoyed both Resident Evil movies, I enjoyed Wing...
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    Question about modular components.

    There have been a fair number of comments about both the remake and Gemini Gold stating that they feel the Centurion does not match up to it's "original" counterpart. Don't get me wrong, I love the games, they are my chance to play Privateer when I wouldn't be able to. And they are built...
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    Question about modular components.

    Thanks. I'm just trying to feed my Privateer / Pioneer addiction. I've been laying Privateer recently drooling over the possibilities of Pioneer... And I know Origin made the game the way they did for a reason, but that was the one thing I don't agree with. Perhaps it's only because I've been...
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    Question about modular components.

    Pioneer will have modular components like the original privateer. Will generators (engines) and shield generators also be purchasable and upgradable like the original? If so, could I ask a favour? In the interest of balance, can you have it so that the heavy fighter supports a higher shield...
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    Concordia in Arizona

    Ahem, Montreal is in Canada... :rolleyes: I'm also in Montreal. :D On the subject of Montreal Universities, Montreal has several, Concordia and McGill are two of them, both appearing in the top 10 Universities of North America (when last I heard). As you can see I'm very proud of being...
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    Awe, common. You know the amount of fun we'd have together? We could be best friends. I could move next door, or into your house, and we could hang out... It'd be so cool, and we could go to movies, and I could come with you on dates, and we could go buy clothes together... So, what's you're...
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    All my children are going to be named Howard... In fact I've already named my dog after him... Howie is a good boy isn't he? Yes he is... YES HE IS... He's so cute... Come on Howie, let's go play. ;-)
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    I agree with this one... :D
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    Modular design and damage question

    I have a question... The weapons are modular (like in Privateer), and the modules can be damaged individually, right? That means that if a laser took enough hits it would get blown off and there would be no more laser there... I have a question about the damage to missiles. Can they...
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    Hydra Cockpit WIP

    I have an idea for the cockpit. The usual position for the ship status indicator (if I remember correctly) is on the left, so the "mini-screen" on the left console should be the shields/armour indicator. I also think the speed and jump/auto indicators should be on the struts, they'll be...
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    An update on the editor

    That's very good news. I can imagine at some point someone pumping out the entire known confed and kilrathi universe (of course it won't be very detailed since that would probably take years, but it'd still be fun to trade all the way up to Kilrah, and then back to Sol (of course with a few...