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    Not stuck: Can't retrieve Sosa in MIP

    Only ejection pods get automatically killed by ramming. Still, getting rammed by an Avenger can't be too healthy...
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    The Perfect Fighter?

    Yeah. Arrows are good, but weak, but let's be honest. As long as you have ImRecs, who's gonna argue with you?
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    Unused Rachel scenes in DivX format

    Ginger Lynn. From what I hear (innocent minor here), she's kinda a legend in the field.
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    He was FBI Director Wolmack in The Rock. Aside from that, I haven't seen him much.
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    What happened?...

    Mwuhahahaha They have the technology......the ultimate power........let's all be nice to the lovely mod people.
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    Casey, Hawk, and the Kilrathi

    Hey, he's good.
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    "You're going home in a box!"

    WC2 comes with a custom taunts creator, methinks. Having said that, taunts annoy sometimes. Example : I brought a friend round in order to educate him in REAL sci-fi, but the only taunt out of Blair was "I hate easy targets" (this was WC3). About half an hour spent searching for a different...
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    Where are the Nephilim from? [2]

    The "different galaxy altogether" one's gonna make fighting a sustained war quite hard isn't it? Considering the only gateway into Nephilim space we've got is the Proxima jump point. *Goes into a corner and cries about the sorry state of Confed's chances. Then eats a filling lunch and feels...
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    Border Worlds WC game

    Despite all the nit-picking (which, I guess, is kinda essential in getting a decent game going), you do have a damned fine base concept for a game there, bwoy!
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    best captain

    Chris Walken looks like he should be a member of Confed Intel (he has that hatchet-faced I'll kill you soon as look @ you aura about him). The dude who played Tolwyn in the film....nah....remind us too much of That Film. LOAF - YAYAYAYAY! (removes lips from LOAF's bottom) Robert...
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    What's your (Call)Sign?

    My call sign up until Wing Commander Prophecy was Hell's Angel. That wouldn't fit in the callsign box so I defaulted to Chameleon.
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    Bumper stickers on fighters

    For Hellcat pilots "My other fighter is an Excalibur" "Honk if you want to go and meet Jesus"
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    Who did you *think* it was?

    Yeah, there was always SOMETHING about Jazz. Who the hell else, though, is as smooth as him during a fight? The Tolwyn thing....erm....I don't think he would have betrayed the Confederation during the War. Like Eisen said "Loyalty to Confed needed very little encouragement. After all, what...
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    Advice for the Segmenters

    *stands up for the underrated cable service* :P
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    Best superfighter

    Just thought I'd collect some more thoughts.......I always liked the Morningstar and the Dragon myself. I haven't put the Vampire in here, 'cos even though it is the most advanced fighter in WCP, it's not really a prototype superfighter in my humble opinion, just a really really, really...
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    Wing Commander Action Figures

    DAMMIT! Is there nothing for us poor ENGLISH PEOPLE!
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    Screenshots are a total git in the WC series. I tend to just let other people do it for me and "borrow" them
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    Prophecy Poll

    You wanna piece of me? I'll kick your ass........ ....arrgh....ok,...ok...alright......Thanks for backin' me up, Colonel.....
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    WC4 Weapons question

    Well, I never saw anyone INJURED by a WC4 sidearm...obviously Seether's prisoner wouldn't have much chance of surviving anything lighter than a peashooter @ that range, but Vag was only shot once (it WAS in the chest though). Maybe the Marines are just better shots than the Space Force in...