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    LOAF's Mission and WC4 DVD

    Hi! Haven't been here for a while, and I'm glad to be back. As for the two sided WC4DVD, I have it and it is the only reason I still keep my Creative Labs Encore DXR2 card in my computer ( this thing is like 4 years old, maybe 5 ). So if you don't have it, the only other option is to buy...
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    TCS Vanguard CV-21

    Redesigned Bengal rox! Looks better than the original, and I really liked Tiger's Claw... Great job, congratulations!:cool:
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    Happy happy joy joy

    Someone should seek help.Real soon...
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    Border Worlds

    Border Worlds are a rather big group of colonized systems between Confed and Kilrathi space. You could say they are equal to the New World in 16th and 17th century, because Border Worlders are people who colonized distant planets looking for new life. While the living is hard, they are forced to...
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    Phase shields, need a number.

    Yeah, but comm tech hasn't advanced. It actually went way backwards. Why can't one ship ( scout ship, let's say) figure out a phase pattern of a capship, transmit the algorithm to every bomber in vicinity and get the hell out, while bombers drop their torpedoes without losing time to lock on...
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    Whats Your Favorite StarCraft Race?

    Well, I liked Protoss the most, as you can see from my sig, so I voted for them. Upgraded carriers are my favs, ok, I know it takes ages to build one and they are costly but once built, a fleet of those can plow through a map with ease. And when you use a High Templars Mind Trick on them....:D...
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    Finally, pics of my WC decals on my car

    Wow. Cool! Liked the "protected by TCS" decal. :)
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    What are you, a mazohist? :) If you wanna experiment, play with the weapon loadout or something. I think both ships you proposed are unflyable.
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    Which was your favorite WC game.

    (Darth Vader voice) Apology accepted. (dead body slumps on the floor):) Well, I certanly liked WCP so I voted for it, although I kinda miss the whole atmosphere of WC1&2. Ah,what the hell, I like 'em all, even Armada.
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    If you were Casey

    Same here, but Casey seems to be too much Mr.Nice Guy to do that:) However, it looks like Casey will finish together with Stilleto so I voted for her.
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    Comments on weapons

    Who cares? It fires, it does a mean number on anything it touches, it does a cool sound:D So, who cares? I like it the way it is, no unnecessary philosophy:) BTW, how about adding few more rounds ( 600, 800 perhaps?)? And why does a Dev in WCP has 800 rounds whey you never use Stormfire when...
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    Vindicator II

    Well, I liked Vindicator ( but Dragon was better:D ), so I'd like to see it once again. If I recall correctly, Vin was a fighter-bomber, right? So why change?:)
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    Sleep Deprivation

    Ok, I have a really weird one here. My best friend from high school days ( and a complete WC nut, thanks to me) had a sleep disturbance for a few years. He couldn't sleep, no matter how tired he was. He tried everything, gym, physical work, jogging, you name it. So one week he decided to have a...
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    To Starlancer Players

    Yeah, and the only mission in WC1 where you get some backup is when you hit that Fralthi and you get two Rapiers from Kyoto. I mean, there are far harder missions where some backup would even the odds, like when you have to save captured Fralthi. God, it took me ages to beat that mission...
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    The moments when you were disappointed

    Probably when Angel was killed and I couldn't do a thing about it. But then, destroying Kilrah kinda cheered me up a bit:)
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    Status of WC

    I hate Origin for canceling WC sequels... but I love them for creating 5 games that marked my life.:cool: WE WANT MORE,ORIGIN,YA HEAR?
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    The role of the Barracuda

    Milkrun? Where can I find it?
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    The role of the Barracuda

    Another question. If Barracuda IS a cap-ship, why can't I lock a torpedo on it? Weird, I say...:confused: BTW, I'd rather have a squadron of heavy bombers than a squadron of corvettes.
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    Need help getting Kilrathi Saga in the UK

    Yeah, and I was there for three weeks in '98 and I got KS in Virgin store in London. I shivered when I first saw it, then I grabbed it from the shelf and I bought it without looking at the price or checking do I have enough money. So far, I think that was my best investment ever.:)
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    Maniac's reaction to end of WCP?

    LeHah is not cold, he's silly! Yay for LeHah! Now where is that movie idiot dictionary?:)