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  1. Star Rider

    The silliest callsign

    He wasn't a fan per say but he was familiar with them.
  2. Star Rider

    The silliest callsign

    "Star Rider" was a nickname that my Uncle called me as a child. It stuck since then and became my default Wing Commander and Star Citizen Callsign.
  3. Star Rider

    13 years and no Star Citizen!!

    As a golden ticket member, I've been following the game since it was first announced. The Alpha has come a long way since the days of 2015 when Port Olisar was our only port of call, and we were being sent on DB recovery missions by Tessa Banister. I do miss those missions by the way as they...
  4. Star Rider

    Confused about what is canon and what isn't. Help?

    Stormed at with shot and shell, Boldly they rode and well Into the jaws of death, Into the mouth of Hell rode the 600.
  5. Star Rider

    Am I bad or is the game just hard?

    The Stiletto's armor is paper thin. It only takes one or two Particle Cannon hit's from a Talon to lose your shields and a good chunk of armor. It has a rather large silhouette making it easier to hit then the Ferret or Epee.
  6. Star Rider

    New take on Hellcat V

    Happy to hear that it's just a case of the Mod being on pause. I was just thinking about it the other day while I was playing the Homeworld 2 campaign.
  7. Star Rider

    Inventory: Wing Commander Academy Co-Belligerents (October 5, 2022)

    I don't see why it wouldn't all you would need to do is tweak the target code and you could probably do that with a sample of the target groups DNA. Once you have the parameters set it would probably just be a case of pushing the target specifications to the Nanites in the canisters. If I...
  8. Star Rider

    Inventory: Wing Commander Academy Co-Belligerents (October 5, 2022)

    Pre being caught Tolwyn Mindset: I see two possibilities... One he uses the Gen Select Bio weapon on their colony worlds and those that meet the requirements would fall into the strong category. Two he encourages their colony worlds to rebel via the random acts of piracy and terrorism so that...
  9. Star Rider

    Artemis 1

    Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the Hunt... Like any great hunter She knows to wait for a clean shot. To quote the First Codex: "Vigilance is the Warrior's salvation; inattention the Warrior's greatest foe."
  10. Star Rider

    Questions from End Run

    Naval Tradition is that the Officer in command of the ship is referred to as Captain, regardless if they hold the rank of Captain or not... Ramona is in charge of the mission once they reach the mission's Area of Operation. Harcourt still has command of the ship, and the final word onboard his...
  11. Star Rider

    After Action Report Caliban II

    Recently I've been doing a replay of Wing Commander IIIl, and made it to Caliban Missions. The following is my After action report. This mission was completed using Ace Difficulty with no cheats. For Caliban Mission II, I took the Longbow out for this due to the large number of Cap ships at the...
  12. Star Rider

    Lego Scimitar Ready To Slog Through Vega Sector (April 11, 2022)

    That is very well done. Now if we can just get build instructions... Not all of us are Master Builders after all.
  13. Star Rider

    Ship Length Comparison (April 5, 2022)

    The Wing Commander Bible that comes with WC3 and WC4 list the following stats for the Dreadnought: Length 2,200 Meters Maximum Velocity of 100KPS Mass of 290,000 tonnes 38 Turreted Lasers Full Compliment of Fighters Fore and Aft Shield 8000 cm eqiv Armor Fore/Aft/Left/Right: 1500 CM Each...
  14. Star Rider

    Anyone try following the novels when playing?

    I believe the issue in game was that if you choose to go after Hobbes, It would cause The Victory to have to delay the attack on the Alcor 5 prison, and opens them up to a Kilrathi counter strike. If I were to theorize... The Victory certainly took some losses during the events in Loki . On top...
  15. Star Rider

    Anyone try following the novels when playing?

    Blair does chase Hobbes in the Novel, as does Vaquero. Vaquero gets shot down by Hobbes and Blair shoots down Hobbes.
  16. Star Rider

    Hawk in WCP

    If I recall correctly Maniac mentions something about him in the Novelization of Wing Commander IV. Something along the lines of he had been an instructor at the academy at one point and that he had win at all costs mentality which led to a cadet getting killed during an exercise.
  17. Star Rider

    Intrepid's role at the end of WC4

    I am in the process building a new Forum. It's been slow going though as a good piece of the data that I had stored was lost when a Hard Drive failed. But I will certainly keep you in the loop. That's not a bad looking design for an early render. I wouldn't mind building it in Space Engineers...
  18. Star Rider

    Intrepid's role at the end of WC4

    No worries, we all have our own head cannon which can be useful to fill in the blanks on certain items that haven't been given detail in the franchise. Those notes that you posted in combination with Capi's RPG Sourcebook proved useful a few years back when I was briefly toying with bringing...
  19. Star Rider

    Intrepid's role at the end of WC4

    That would explain Maverick being familiar with the layout having served on Concordia. The Armada version of the "Lexington Class" only had a length of 725 meters a mass of 4 Octomills or 3.25 Million KG in Terran which converts to around 3250 Metric tons according Googles conversion...
  20. Star Rider

    What became of Gwen "Archer" Bowman?

    I could defiantly see that happening Loaf, Archer did seem to be one of Maniac's closest friends on The Claw. My money would personally be on the longer term marriage vs the short one. As far as what else happened I think it depends on if she was able to recover completely from her hesitation...