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    Standoff OST Upload

    Sorry no, justothe Mp3 ones
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    Standoff OST Upload

    HI there I just found the original file from the not so famous Sim music, I really apologize for it, it seem that my experiment on Kilrathi interpretation of Terran Electronic music did not mix well with the action of the Sim missions. anyway, you can find the music here at soundcloud under...
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    Opening theme

    and those are cool music pieces
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    In a galaxy far far away...

    interesting, why don't you find out who draw that comic? maybe is a WC fan or something
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    WC 3 and WC 4 remake

    i know is late for this answers but im 100% agree with Loaf, and I will really love to see and play WC3 on the 360, I hope WC Arena sells well and make a lot of nosie, so we case see future WC games, I'm Looking fordware to play armada with you guys
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    Wingcommander RANK

    I think you just borke a forum rule there Removed the link - Halman
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    Dark Star One

    I wonder if there is an english version of the game
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    News update

    I was not talking about Michael music, I was talking about the sim songs I made :p
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    News update

    sorry I missread, but anyway I do like to imprube the tracks, Make tham a little faster and equilize them better
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    News update

    Cool, tall me is you want more music for he new sim missions. I really want to fine tune some of the existing songs, I beleave thay are to slow for the game and I want to speed them up a little bit so they can catch up with the acction
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    Mod for XWA

    I remeber that 2, here is the link of it you can use the beta ships for you mod Edit: add the links
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    OGame Light Fighter Looks Familiar (April 4, 2006)

    I thought that doing that they will break the copywriter laws by selling the poster
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    origin Space Rogue

    do you all remmeber an origin old game called Space Rogue, I think I will be a good Idea that some one make a remake of it in vegasStrike, IRC Privateer was made baced on Space Rogue
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    Music, anyone?

    maybe is late for this post but you can find the track at or at
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    Gemini Gold: Second Overhaul Coming (February 20, 2006)

    nice i'm looking forware to it
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    ...soon: english version of Privateer - the Awakening

    oh Cool, cant whait for the english version
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    ...soon: english version of Privateer - the Awakening

    just wondering, who do you plan to manage the copywrite stuff, i mean if you seel the book you need to have an autorization right?
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    Wc 3/4 D3d

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    Red Point needs people

    Man is nice to see you back I wil retake my parts ASAP