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    Happy Holidays!

    to all of the Wing Commander fans and friends! -ALS
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    Does anybody have an idea if WCP is WIN2K compatible?

    Actually, with a change to only several lines of code, WCP runs under Win2k just fine. The reason the shipped executable doesn't work is there are a couple of issues that need to be fixed regarding WCP's memory management and memory initialization that seem to work fine under Win95/98. Without...
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    Thank you...

    CIC and fans for the great T-shirt. Capt. Johnny apparently delivered the shirt to my door while I was out swimming last night. I shall wear it proudly... -ALS
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    hardpoint direction

    It's not worth it. That "number" is also used to know how many bullet types to allocate (memory-wise). One would have to know how often in the code that "number" was used, and where to change it. What you need is a new executable with the feature added, but that can't happen.
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    hardpoint direction

    Unfortunately, no. The bullet file stores an actual number of bullets which the exe file checks to ensure that the correct bullet file is being used. Believe it or not, this was to prevent hacking. This is too little too late, but the exe should have asked the bullet file how many bullets it...
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    hardpoint direction

    Darnit! I forgot to mention again that this applies to Prophecy and Secret Ops. -ALS
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    hardpoint direction

    Oh, I forgot mention that the first example hardpoint I gave is facing forward. However, with a position of <0,0,0>, it is also at the center of the object. You can move this by changing the position in left-handed space (mentioned below...) Good Luck! -ALS
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    hardpoint direction

    A hardpoint is a named 3x4 matrix of 12 32-bit floats, in the order X.x, X.y, X.z, Y.x, Y.y, Y.z, Z.x, Z.y, Z.z, pos.x, pos.y, pos.z. The left-handed coordinate system is used, with positive x to the right, positive y up, and 'looking' along positive z. A transform at the origin would be: 1,0,0...