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  1. capi3101

    CCG Trades?

    I need to go back through my sets again to see what I still need. I imagine my list needs updating too.
  2. capi3101

    Welcome to the MEGAMAID I mean.. Midway.

    I designed a space station for my own science-fiction universe about the time I was a sophomore in high school (late '92/early '93). Started off as a mash of various sci-fi universes (like what my eldest kid is doing right now), including Trek; the outer pylons were inspired by Deep Space Nine...
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    [2020-02] Some novel character portraits

    Jal'ra ri'dyabha'k ni'jhali ga talan, ukarh?!?! Nai h'inha masi!!
  4. capi3101

    Curious Differences Emerge in Privateer Commodity Naming (July 5, 2023)

    Plaything becomes pornochips on the manifest, IIRC. Probably a little bit more discrete than pleasure borgs in Privateer 2 (which are contraband as I recall).
  5. capi3101

    Centurion Privateer Length?

    There's no canonically listed size for the Centurion; when I did the craft's stat block for the RPG, I had to estimate it based on its length in pixels versus the length of the Broadsword (a craft in the same game for which there is an canonically stated length) in pixels. You shouldn't need an...
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    [2020-02] Some novel character portraits

    Du esh'inthrak erg eshmaksga, drak'manglan'drishkmang. = "In [the] final minute about extra time, [the] guardian of [the] quantity place stopped quantity." (Mang can also mean "point (abstract measurement)", but a "bad" translation seemed funnier in this instance...) I love the idea of a...
  7. capi3101

    Superb Titles From the WC Movie (February 24, 2023)

    Gotta love OCR A Extended. I was able to make a graphic with glowing text in GIMP for Scott Manley's Runway Project last season; it'd be really easy to replicate that exact style of text. I'd have to look up how to do it again...
  8. capi3101

    [2020-02] Some novel character portraits

    K'tothmo'haj nis. (lit. "The challenge is preparing to begin.")
  9. capi3101

    A Pro Stick Paired With an Action Hit (January 11, 2023)

    I used to play the game like that quite a lot - it's a bit awkward. Besides, I'd like the boy to think he was doing at least a little bit well before I go wiping the floors with him...
  10. capi3101

    A Pro Stick Paired With an Action Hit (January 11, 2023)

    Hooked my Saitek up to my laptop at home just last week; the eldest wanted to learn how to fly. To my knowledge he still hasn't tried yet... I need to get a second one so I can start pasting his ass in Armada...
  11. capi3101

    Happy New Year! (January 1, 2023)

    I like the Phantom for what it does - it gives you a slightly more robust craft for patrol and picketing while not costing too much more. I might've voted for it if the polls on this site would ever work for me...I don't think I've been able to register a vote on a poll here since at least 2016...
  12. capi3101

    Something new...

    You've got a typo there - it's "carrion-eater" ('carrion' meaning 'dead things/carcasses'. It can also mean 'A contemptible or worthless person' but I'm pretty sure Jakhai is using the first meaning here, though accusing someone of cannibalism would be rather a slap in the face methinks...)
  13. capi3101

    Tarsus Crashes, Five Parsecs From Home (November 11, 2022)

    Might try your local library, or if you've got a nearby university, you might check with their library instead. Even if they don't have guest access, they might be able to point you in the right direction. Kinda on your own there, I'm afraid. If you have hobbyist game shops nearby, that'd be...
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    Artemis 1

    They've already announced that they will not attempt to launch again this window. Next window is September 19th.
  15. capi3101

    David Warner passes away

    I've had other folks note several other roles in Star Trek, including Gul Madred from the TNG episodes "Chain of Command, pt.1-2" (i.e. THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!) as well as St. John Talbot, Federation representative to Nimbus III in Star Trek V, The Final Frontier.
  16. capi3101

    Language Lesson: Grimalkin (July 3, 2022)

    My family had a group of cats growing up; my mother named one of them Pyewacket. Good cat but he had an annoying tendency to want to play with my eye sockets claws out while I was asleep...
  17. capi3101

    Wing Kerbmander Morningstar Video Released (February 23, 2022)

    If any of y'all would like to know anything about the "making of", feel free to ask. Ultimately the video helped me score nine points out of ten in the artistic portion of the round. Scott Manley was wondering where the bits were where you were arguing with your wingmen, otherwise it might've...
  18. capi3101

    Wing Kerbmander Morningstar Video Released (February 23, 2022)

    Some context for posterity - this was my entry for the seventh week of the competition. The fighters in the combat sequence of the video were my entries from the previous six weeks. My son created the map you see in the video for the third week of the competition and I've been sneaking it and...
  19. capi3101

    Group Reading: Freedom Flight 2022

    Probably more desperate, I would say. The events of End Run and Fleet Action both had made Thrakhath look incompetent - especially the failure to achieve final victory over Earth - plus you have to remember what happened to Gilkarg and why. I imagine the Emperor was under great pressure from the...