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    donning the flamesuit, or my review of this series

    Hello everyone out there. Spoilers ahead. Perhaps it's time I reveal how I found out about Wing Commander in the first place. When I was in middle school, I found a WC book in the school library. It was the movie novel. Needless to say, I watched the movie soon after, and loved it...
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    I just realised...

    Idea! This could be a fanfiction horror story: two confed pilots get captured, and one is forced to cook the other for his new master. O_o Anways, until you made this post, I had no idea the Kilrathi ate their captives. Now I know why if you are captured in Standoff, the screen...
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    Interesting realization about Super Wing Commander

    :eek: When I was watching the Super Wing Commander intro on Youtube, a realization occured to me. Paladin looks and sounds like a Caucasian version of "Demoman" from Team Fortress 2! I found this funny, that's all.
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    I'm starting a new fan project

    Thanks yeah, the game will be a shooter but it won't be quite like raiden. You won't be able to put up a "wall of bullets" so to speak with your fighter. The ships will retain their game abilities, and the entire game will have a strategy to it. If you want to help me with sprites, the ones...
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    I'm starting a new fan project

    This is Ice Cream Man, reporting that I'm beginning a new Wing Commander fan game. It will be created using multimedia fusion 2, and take place during the Wing Commander II era. Here's the overview: *A solar flare causes communication between the Earth and its outposts in sol unable to...
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    Morningstar guns break.

    I've recently noticed that if you cycle through the guns of the morningstar using g, the leftmost gun's particle bullets start shooting a little bit above the others. simply hit g a few times and fire to see the effect.
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    Duke Nuke 'em reference in ep. 5?

    I was playing a mission in episode 5 today when I heard a pilot from Sierra squadron say: "I'm gonna rip off your head and crap down your neck!" Is this an intentional reference to the game "Duke Nuke 'em?"
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    Dissecting the Kilrathi Language

    so... K' as an abbreviation might mean "without"?
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    Dissecting the Kilrathi Language

    By the way... Anybody notice how the Tomes of Sivar look a bit like the ten commandments do when drawn?
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    Wing Commander Movie Ships (August 11, 2009)

    Wait a minute... In the ship's section of the CIC, you can see the different games underneath each side's name. I can see, for example, WC1 through WC4 links for the confed and Kilrathi ships. Shouldn't there be a "movie" link under these for purposes of these images?
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    Privateer Movies

    Found one! found this on youtube:
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    What is considered contraband in this game?

    All I know is that transporting captured pilots and this illegal drug called "Brilliance", causes confed pilots to announce you have contraband and start shooting. since I want to be a "law abiding citizen" in my game, I want to know what else is considered contraband so that I don't have to...
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    WCP ejection pod in real life!

    If they do make this pod: I sure hope they make more planes with this ejection pod, because it doesn't hurt your spine severely when you eject. Most pilots must retire nowadays after a few ejections because of the damage to their spine.
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    Prank in ships database?

    I was in the ships database under the privateer section, and found this wing commander trading card under several entries: Is this a prank by one of the members of the CIC? Or is it just to indicate that there is no information yet for...
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    WCP ejection pod in real life!

    I was looking on wikipedia and thought that this looked like the ejection pod from Wing Commander Prophecy:
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    Idea for a Wing Commander flash cartoon (WC1 era)

    I understand Most people here started out with WC3 or 4, so they wouldn't get the joke. I first used dosbox to run the first Wing Commander game, that's why the joke is funny to me.
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    Civi voices in Ep 5

    Well.... If a poor little trainee girl gets blown up and is not as hardened by the war as Angel was, she's gonna scream when she dies. Still, the High-As-A-Kite hippie tarsus captain's death is funnier: "Hey man, what's that blinking red light mean man? Aw crap!"
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    Idea for a Wing Commander flash cartoon (WC1 era)

    oops I must have broken a posting rule or something because nobody is responding to this....
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    Dissecting the Kilrathi Language

    What about the fighter names? What could the names of the ships possibly mean in the Kilrathi language? I have a theory for some of the WC1 ships: thi - could possible refer to some kind of animal, for this purpose we will use tiger. Sal - young Dral - lesser Jal - greater so therefore...
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    Idea for a Wing Commander flash cartoon (WC1 era)

    In case you don't get the joke... This is a joke on the death sequence in wing commander 1. Blair would throw his arms over his face, and then his fighter would spin out and explode.