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    Damage to weapons

    All a flight simulation game would need to have in order to appeal to the gaming dummies as well as the hard-core gamers is include an inflight options menu like Prophecy/SO, one that turns on/off things like weapon disabling. This would be simple to use just as turning on/off cockpit struts...
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    Need help with SM1

    I'm guessing you're not a fan of the Scimitar. This is my favorite Scim mission (Bifrost 2). Since the Salthi and Krant shouldn't give you trouble, so just use your Mass Drivers. Use your two dumbfires against the Jalthis' rear armor. With the Jalthi gone, use your HSs close in against the...
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    Holy Crap! =:o

    I imagine there's plenty of free slots in the 2668 period, considering the Kilrathi use the same weaponry. I didn't use the AB, that much, actually. I was trying to outmaneuver incomming fire, and was doing a good job of it, too. When dodging a missile, however, I flew right into a full...
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    Holy Crap! =:o

    I rather prefer using specialized ships, or at least specialized loadouts to do any harm to a capitol ship. Something about piloting a high-performance fighter or bomber against a city-sized monstrosity, while evading scorching volleys of destructive energy, just to weaken the ship's defences...
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    Holy Crap! =:o

    Forgot to uncheck the signature before I posted, kinda was in a hurry. The site, hehe was never really more than just a distraction. I don't think I put more than a couple hours into it, total. The ticker was taken out, that's why you can't see how many times the site was viewed.
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    Holy Crap! =:o

    Pleased to meet you, of course, Bob. I've yet to decide how long it will be before I leave, again. With all these promising projects of late, perhaps I'll linger for a bit. Like your signature, Bob.
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    Holy Crap! =:o

    Yeah, you know, I'm surprised I haven't been blown out of the sky by now, uh... by friendly fire.
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    Holy Crap! =:o

    About the previous reply... Silly me, I post for the first time in a year, and I forget to log in. How is everyone?
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    Vote the Kilrathi Dreadnought

    In ship combat, I'd rather fly around a 2200m ship. Flying around Midway took long enough in a Vampire.
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    help re : rescuing temblor bomb scientist

    Just demolish all targets on radar at each nav even the ones further off screen that you can't see in your viewport at first. Once you get the mission objectives accomplished, you're home free.
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    Famous Quotes

    Famous quotes...What I thought was interesting when I first played Wing 4 was hearing a quote I had read years before in History: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." -Thomas Jefferson
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    Which is your...?

    Subs use sonar for listening and radar for looking.
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    Would you like a CapShip with that?

    Why do you say that? I mean you'll be able to see parts of her you never saw before in WC4.;)
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    Which WC game has the best music?

    I find myself listening to WC2 mp3s the most.
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    Cerberus: OO

    I'm pretty sure that is correct... they wouldn't have bothered painting the huge X on the hull if they knew they'd have to remove it once the testing period is over, right? :) [/B] Why then did they paint a big "01" on the Vesuvius? When it was CV-70 or 71?
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    Birthday Salute

    Happy Birthday, LOAF. Hope you have many, many more.
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    Casey a wimp

    Let's Not forget Maniac was given command of the Black Widows squadron and charged with the responsabilities of command. The death's of those under his command hit him hard. He had every reason to be more serious.
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    Easy WC3 question:Manual?

    I'd like a copy of these e-books...what is your email add?
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    Rapier or Raptor?

    I was going by the WC1 guns...two Mk. 30 Mass Drivers and two Mk. 40 Neutrons.
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    Rapier or Raptor?

    Firing the old guns three times a second would outpace the shield recharge. Without diverting more power to guns, the Raptor will never break through completely.