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    Signs that the midway is nearing the end of its 90 day warranty

    40 #40. The Damn Plasma Cannon actually works again and saves the day! #41. WCP2 includes Stiletto and Casey actually... getting... *trails off* #42. in WCP2, The Midway actually DOESN'T Get destroyed (look at all the other WC carriers... see a trend? Besides victory surviving.) #43...
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    The Styles of Wing Commander

    WC1 Come on! WC1 Claw baby! Lets see... The claw is DRIPPING water... there's a cheap bar with a video game in it... There's a bikini picture on the wall... What's not to like about WC1 style? Anyway... how DOES blair eject into space wearing only a pair of jeans, leather jacket and...
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    Wing Commander and GURPS

    Okay... Hmm. I made a set of rules for Generic Space Battle II some times back with a WC Theme, but I wonder where I put it... Anyway, You should try for some of those WC IRC RP sites... Or play the Wing Commander MUSH. It's great. I play it. Sorry if this is a shameless plug, but...