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    Last Line of Defence

    The enemy's gate is down
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    So... Good Day

    I wasn't pushing, just very interested. I realize this is a big project and it's going to take a while, but I'm really excited; I mean, this is the first canonical Wing Commander media to come out in how many years (although I think special dispensation should be made for Standoff - that game is...
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    Chronicles of the Claw Redux

    Read both parts, and enjoyed them. Have you written any more?
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    So... Good Day

    Any news on the release of Pilgrim Truth?
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    Starship meshes

    Worked for me.
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    Concordia Sunk

    The Connie was based in San Diego on and off for many years before she was decommissioned a few years ago. I remember heading down to the beach in my youth and seeing her and the other West Coast carriers moored just across San Diego bay from our usual dive spot. Once, my Dad's cargo ship tied...
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    Rescuing Earth on losing path

    Well, sure, they were a bunch of tech, but I bet they had some spare time to play around on the simulator :)
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    CF-105 Scimitar

    As usual, a fantastic piece. I always like the Scim for its unusual design, and this certainly does it justice.
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    Medal Points

    Never mind, I found them.
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    Medal Points

    I'm looking for the medal points for WC1 fighters. Any idea where I can find them?
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    weapon stats

    Where can I find WCPPas?
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    Lance Casey

    you get it on ebay?
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    External Monitor

    Went to window mode. How do I go back to the desktop without closing the window? Tried setting the tv as my primary display in display properties, but when I tried to apply the setting, it deselected the moniter as a display option instead of transferring the display.
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    External Monitor

    I hooked up my laptop to my tv screen, but I can't move the Standoff window over. Is there a way to open Standoff as a smaller window on the desktop (a la dosbox) so I can play it on the big screen?
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    Lance Casey

    Forgive my ignorance, but what was the beef between Petrarca and Origin?
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    Maniac's more Deadly than the Kats

    On purpose and accidently. Sometime he asks for it and other times he just gets in the way
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    Mission tree

    I just downloaded Edraw Max; I'll play around with it tonight. Thanks.
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    A few "talking heads" video character appearance observations...

    I didn't think her appearance was all that strange; many women in the Navy wear a lot of makeup, even on cruise.
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    weapon stats

    Is it possible to edit the ship's loadouts? For example, I'd like to reconfigure the Hornet with lasers instead of neutron guns, and replace the particle cannons on the Rapier with neutron guns.
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    Mission tree

    Will do, been looking for something to contribute.