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    Questioning the Enterprise premise

    no what Bandit LOAF he made some real good points but rember the original show did not try to be consistent. in the eps that the fringe are in they do not say who they are to the locols or where they come from
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    Pull the Chrono Trigger, Watch the Time Fly

    can't be as bad as a woman i dated
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    Stone Trek (Star Trek meets Flintstones)

    thanks after finals you can use a good laugh:D
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    Startrek Invasion

    but how mean ideas did star trek use from other tv/movies
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    The World Trade Center Movie

    the movie showed not be made yet to give time for the hurt to pass. i lost some friends in the WTC and in the penn they should git it right though. as for sbl one show soked in pig greese to enshore that he gets to hell.
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    It's going down

    baycon where i normaly see him at the beers free. you never been to a san fran con.;)
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    It's going down

    thanks to all our allies and millitary. Saw a friend on tv pray he's doing well. hope to see him at a con and give him a big hug.:D
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    Terrorist... or not...?

    who are they. they come from avery country on the planet who do we kill first our own people our friends or start at the first letter in the aphabet and work our way down.
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    Internet Connection

    Asked qwest about that and they said we dont support that with our setup. in northern utah we have some kind of odd maltiplex that does not support asdn or 56k. the only broadband is in salt lake city.:mad:
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    Lexington may have reached Kilrah?

    that if the ship was a prototype tumbler bomb (ok retrofited)
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    Internet Connection

    at school i use a T1 and wireless. at home modem
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    Peace with the bugs?

    on the bugs their bugs. bugs have numbers 10-1 is one thing but 100-1 is another. think hive insects attacking they use numbers (no amount of tech/fire power can stop a large enought number of attackers). think the zulu vs england war.
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    Peace with the bugs?

    i'd like to paraphrase Ben Franklin younger men should learn from older women and can't conceive.
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    Scariest moment

    i saw a show on i think tlc about the fact that there was a plan to use nukes to move a ship around the silar system in i think 10 years going from mercury to pluto and back to earth. this was in the 50's or 60's but a treaty banning nukes in space ended the project.:(
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    Who Thinks Angel is hot ? (Both, if you like)

    from what my family said about my graitegrandmother she was the perfect example of victorian england never joked and did not like jokes or funny stuff and you had better be of like mind around her. Angel from wc3 is the best of all the Angel's :D
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    When real life imitates Wing Commander

    thanks for the info and the link the head of the deptment i'm in liked the info from nasa may biuld one for senier project.:D
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    Maybe now we can get WC multiplayer.

    remember the old USSR quote numbers have there own quality i know i missed the right quote but i think i am close enough to make a point. that given enough numbers the bugs will win no mater the still of the pilots or tech of their equitment. the game was against a scouting group in force not...
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    TV Show

    but he knows more than us. so LOAF what can you tell us about the new show
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    Dragon*Con 2002

    thanks for the pics. they where pritty good you belottle you ability with a camara now i will go to baycon i was planing to go but the pics made my mind up i will go :D
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    WC Universe's Controversial Plot Holes, Discrepacies, Continuity Problems, etc

    i remember reading in one of the guides that the people that worked on wc 1/2 called blair blue hair when talking about him as a way to give him some charector.