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    Does Quality matter to you?

    Alot of critics said wcIV was crap, so I'd definantly have to try it, friends copy, demo there's bound to be something, most WC games have had demos. I'd then see for myself if I thought it was fun. fun - I go future shop as fast as I can to lay down the cash. Not Fun- Out of all the Wing...
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    Happy Holidays!

    Happy holidays, may there be cheer, rejoicing and wing commander for all :) !
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    Best WC game to date

    Favorite Wc:IV Close second:Privateer Most impact: WcIV [vagabond] Best gameplay: WcIV. WcII and privateer were close though. Best cutscenes: WcII. WcIV close second Lasting appeal: tie WCIV-replayed over and over WC: privateer, played on and on. nostalgia: Wc1 of course.
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    Interactive Movie Games

    They may have stopped making new ones but, a whole slew are being re-incarnated for dvd-players including dragon's lair & space ace.
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    What would YOU buy?

    Wll the ferret is the coolest patrol fighter :D . also at 10 meters in length it's one of the handful you might actually find a parking space for, unlike a certain 40 meter long ship *cough* dragon *cough*.
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    Which games are you playing now?

    strike commander,battlezone,system shock 2, and the civ games, well I know what games I need to reinstall, I love all of those games. I've mainly been playing nes/snes games lately. My trusty nintendo sits preped and ready for some turtles II action. I've been playing Nes Double Dragon II...
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    WC Saga

    More expensive perhaps, but it's true value certainly can't hold a candle to the wing commander hat :D .
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    Features that would have enhanced the WC games

    heh, do I need to point out some of us have played wing commander multiplayer style :cool: . Anyways the wing commander games are fine as they are. The only feature more wing commander games should have, is the abilty to actually run on my computer ;) .
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    WC sega cd

    Strolling through a local game store I happened to stumble upon wing commander for sega cd. Being low on funds and not having a sega cd I let it be , and purchased only what I was originally there for [double dragon 2 for nes]. Later when I got home I stopped and thought about going back to...
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    My Tolwyn Essay

    %)^(^)$$_$_)#)@_($#_*$)#$(*%)$ ! cursing aside That's a pretty simplistic look at world war II. Not everything can be blantently catagorized as, these are the good guys and those are the bad guys. If we were to use such a simplictic model, I can't help but feel bad guy vs bad guy would be a...
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    Malcolm McDowell was on Politically Incorrect

    I saw that, I love it when they have him on politically incorrect.
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    Gratuitous Ship Thread

    Since when do you need torps period. dumbfire missiles and leech guns ;)
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    What's the Stupidest Way You've Died? (Now 20% More New And Improved!)

    I died exploring the inner depths of the Behemoth once :o .
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    Seems they redefine what freelancer is every few months, so it might be a spacesim, or it might be an all new type of fruit, either way I don't think we'll be finding out any time soon.
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    WC4 Missiles

    Wasn't there an avenger that came along to tractor them , in those missions if you chose a banshee?
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    (Super-)Video CDs made out of the WCA .AVIs

    Congrats on the vcd. I thought about doing the same thing a ways back, but my vcd player doesn't have error correction so I figured the sound would be horrible after I converted it :( .
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    WC4 Missiles

    Cut me some slack, I'm working off memory. My WcIV hasn't been working for a long time. I had completely forgot about the mip missions. If I'm not mistaken you don't need the tractor beam for any other missions though.
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    WC4 Missiles

    Bah, the banshee can do anything other then ground missions!
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    Help Wanted

    Power settings! It always helps to tweak your power settings to you liking. If I remember correctly I liked to take out the banshees and give them a bit more power to the guns. The leech gun tends to be a damn fine tool. Finally on missions with cap ships load up a banshee with dumbfires press b...
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    WC4 Missiles

    Wulf, you are aware of the decoys right?