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    Pirates!!! F-38 Talon Paper model

    Paper Commander has been boingboinged!:
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    Put on the wings, commander

    Sorry, got carried away! Please delete post Avi
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    Put on the wings, commander

    Just found this: Keep up the good work! Avi
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    Is Wing Commander the "Citizen Kane" of video games?

    It's available on Google Video (without sound though)!:
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    Heart of The Tiger Movie Released! (July 28, 2006)

    Great Work Queeg:D Can you upload it to Google Video also?:
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    this game, WC Saga, and the truth

    Hey People, I was crazy enough to buy a Gameboy advance just to get the 'preserved' WCP, so I am crazy enough to wait till 2012 to play WCS if needed :D Re: ADD- it is caused by a malfunctioning educational system NOT the kids. The best way to teach anything to kids is to let them do...
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    Homebrew model Star Wars ships that ACTUALLY FLY

    Picked this up from BoingBoing: Cheers, Avi
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    F117 Patent,250,950.WKU.&OS=PN/5,250,950&RS=PN/5,250,950 Happy New Year & Keep up the Good Work :) Avi
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    Apollo Astronaut Interviews Online

    Have collected links to a bunch of great lectures/interviews by Apollo Astronauts! Aldrin Apollo 11: Bean Apollo12: Mitchell Apollo 14...
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    Announcing The First Annual #Wingnut Wedding (June 20, 2004)

    Congrats and have a long, happy & fruitful life together :)
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    Apollo 15 Al Worden's Crescent Earth Images

    12 minutes on the moon(Real Player files): Cheers! Avi
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    WC Saga:Freespace Demo or Full Game Engine?

    First off, would like to convey my thanks for all the good work you are putting into the mod! Just a question:will the final release be based on the FS demo engine, thus circumventing the need to buy the full game? Or is it too early to tell? Luckily was able to get the Freespace 1+2 white...
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    Screenshots Release Thread

    Just wanted to thank you all for all the effort you are putting into the mod. As someone who has neither the time and the expertise to do the excellent work you are doing(for free) I have the patience to wait and experience the result. As a gamer all I want is the illusion of waging war in...
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    A future Space Sim

    The best of Wing Commander 4 + Echelon + Privateer + Freespace 2 + SWOTL =My Dream Spacesim Starshatter is promising & I guess the Wing Commander Saga Freespace Mod will do for now :p : Wing Commander Saga Preview Trailer Cheers, Avi
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    Wing Commander Saga Preview Trailer Released

    Great Work! Loved the ingame captures. Thanks for all the work put into the mod and looking forward to it eagerly :p Yours, Avi
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    I know this is a wing commander forum, but...

    Was Strike Commander ever ported to Windows? I can't get the Dos version available at HOTU to work on my Win2K. Thanks, Avi P.S: Maybe it would make a good port to the GBA :p
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    Which PC game are you most looking forward to?

    Secret Weapons Over Normandy :
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    Playing Secret Ops on Windows 2000

    Hello, Has anyone succeeded in playing Secret Ops on Win2K? The game is listed on the site but so far I have had no success in finding a solution. Thanks for your help, Avi