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    Whenever you are playing a space sim like freespace 2 or wing commander 3-5, what callsign do you pick? I always choose "Tiger".
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    Privateer III

    This could be a little premature, but according to, Privateer III could be out next January 2001.
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    Wing commander 6 and privateer 3

    I guess i've become destitute of any hope that the programmers at origin will produce the sequel to wing commander 6 and privateer 3. It just seems to be taking soooooooo long....
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    Wing commander 6 and privateer 3

    What i really meant to say was that i don't blame chris robert for taking a chance to enhance his career. in fact, i applaud it. if i was in the same position, i would, too. However, because of his decision to make the movie, i believe the wing commander prophecy and privateer sequels have...
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    Wing commander 6 and privateer 3

    It really sucks when a game you've been craving for for several years either gets cancelled or gets delayed for an indefinite amount of time. it pains me to say this, because i know that many of you are hardcore wing commander nuts, but i believe that the movie totally destroyed or delayed...
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    Craziest thing happened on my way to the washer....

    While down in the depths of the laundromat, i got to thinking that if i downloaded a copy of a cd-rom driver from a driver download site, my luck would change. As luck would have it,it worked. However, when the screen comes up to calibrate the joystick, nothing happens. I looked at the...
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    Should i or shouldn't i?

    You guys have all been very helpful, and i appreciate your help in order to diminish this problem. However, i believe that this cd-rom of privateer is somehow corrupted. i guess you can't trust any kind of used software coming from Top cash paid. I deeply regret troubling you in any way...
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    I didn't know Flint was from earth!

    That can't be possible, because i know that she and her brother are from locanda. "Oh, dang. He's got me. HE'S GOT ME...." -LAST words before you kick zero's bucket
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    This is off topic, if you don't like SW, don't read.

    When i first viewed episode 1, thought it was good, but not comparable to any other sci-fi movie. After the matrix, though, i looked at the movie with a far more jaded assessment. The fight scenes were terrible, most of the characters were just tolerable, and the character of anakin was...
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    you're right.

    especially with windows 98se and its prompt for dos games with expanded memory. However, for some evil reason, the game can't find the cd of privateer, even with all the wisdom these guys have imparted.
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    wing commander 6

    what's the word on the wing commander 6 and privateer 3? If it will be released, then when and what will they be like?
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    all right, i did as recommended, but i am not able to edit the priv.cfg and rf.cfg files. how do i get this game to recognize the game cd.
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    ok, i've finally fixed the memory problem, butthe game can't find my privateer cd and it also says jemm unloaded-what does that mean and what can i do to solve these problem?
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    oh, yeah--the msdos version of privateer is in a cd
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    I'm having a major problem playing the game (ie it's no playing at all. it's either i don't have enough dos ems or file not found from my boot disk or something else. my system specs are as follows: windows 95b (or windows 98se) 233 mmx 144mb ram 2.1 gb hdd ati rage pro (or voodoo 3 2000) sb...