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    Bnet = Online Savage Land?

    It helps if the game has some sort of friends list, (Which, IIRC, Bnet has) then you can sort the wheat from the chaff. Steam tends to be good for this.
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    Time Warp

    What's with the double thread?
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    Worst game ever played?

    I'm not really into the habit of playing games I don't like, but Guitar Hero takes the cake for me. It isn't really so much the game, but rather that the songlists are almost utterly devoid of anything worth playing.
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    Most anticipated video game of the fall?

    I'm not as much worried about the perspective as whether Beth will deliver on the dialogue. They're promising it, but they promised plenty of things for Oblivion.
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    Broadsword vs. Ralatha rendering

    Look closer to the ship.
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    Favorite Kilrathi Fighters

    It is criminal that there's no pancakes on that list. But from that list the Pakhtahn. I've learned to hate those things.
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    A question & then a proposal:

    Ha, Sci-Fi movies are genius compared to the crappy horror films all over the place.
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    Pretty, Sketchy (April 3, 2008)

    That wolfhead looks remarkably like the symbol for Clan Red Wolf... Great stuff, wish they'd implemented some more of the stuff.
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    Long Day

    Hmm, it's strange, I've been working all day, but when I get to my computer is when the day starts feeling long.
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    Space Sim First Look: Sins of a Solar Empire (March 27, 2008)

    From what I hear, the game already has some notable modding teams from HW2 making stuff for it. I think that's a good sign for the modding community. Anyways I just ordered this game. I think it'll be one that I quite enjoy.
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    Favorite Cockpit

    The arrow in WC3. Always has that nostalgia as it's the first thing from WC I ever saw.
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    Family Guy - Innocent or Guilty

    Like most comedies for me, started out funny, then just slowly died. Age doesn't do cartoons well.
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    Xcom Remake!

    Hmm, looks good. Now to find the old box.
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    Did you catch'em all already?

    Ah, the memories of (way too many) hours playing Pokemon Red.
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    what's new in the huge amount of time I've been gone? (Like you know who I am.) :p I've been totally out of the loop about WC, any more good mods? Did Standoff finally release their new episode?
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    Kilrathi Design Ethos

    Well, the real reason is that devs wanted to show off fancy new engine. But for in-universe, I don't know, maybe similar reason to why Confed ships changed paint scheme?
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    Merry Xmas 2007 Wingnuts!

    Happy X-Mas everybody!
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    Deus Ex 3 announced

    Fixed. :P
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    Mandarins, heroes in another timeline...

    Yeah, but it wasn't like Confed didn't have heavy firepower, just not as much as they really needed.
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    Scaling WC-2 Ships to Conform To WC-1 and WC-3/4 Size Standard

    Woah. That's a very good, (and long) post.