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    Wing Commander Flightsuit

    G'Day all. I was wondering who can point me in the direction of getting a WC flight suit from 3 or 4.
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    would you buy small model WC starfighters?

    nice I'd be keen to have a look at buying some ships myself.
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    Rendered Model

    for your Kilrathi carrier, less rounded more angled, and maybe several 'fins' like on the Vaktoths you used in the pic.
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    CIC Clothing

    Ok. Well I'll wait and see what the final prices are, and hopefully the AU$ will stay strong against the US$ for a while longer so I can get some of this stuff.
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    CIC Clothing

    All sound great to me. Though paying in US$ from AU$ would fluctuate with the current conversion rate right? If not what would be a set price for those of us overseas for these items?
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    wing commander model kits

    sweet! can't wait to have a go at making my own WC1 craft!
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    wing commander model kits

    Cool!, I'd love to see some pics, I live near Canberra myself. I'd like to get your plans for making the craft from balsa (or plastic).
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    The first release

    Hey guys! Great work so far! I've been playing the game normally and its really great with the current mod! Just a few Qs, namely where do I find the Hornet? I'd wanted to fly her before playing the sstory line, no luck there as I'm now flying the Vindicator in Brittania, is the Hornet in...
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    WC wargame idea

    Cool idea mate. I've got some ideas for doing a WC wargame my self (based more on the Battlefleet Gothic rules), if you'd like to bounce around ideas e-mail me.
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    Jeremy Reimer

    Holy Crap! Thats tops mate! Can the mod be used with the Freespace 2 Collussus demo disk thing?
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    This Mod is Dead.

    Cool! Its back! I grabbed a version of the mod, had to change the speed of the craft, and now it crashes everytime you exit from a trade lane, any ideas?
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    [Yeah it would be cool to fly off the Tiger's Claw in Starlancer] -TopGun I reckon, a full TC with all the WC1 greats!
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    Starlancer rocked! I still install it and enjoy every minute, even though I've played it a dozen times. Plus the fact you can import new ships into the game is really fun, allows for complete mods pretty much (just need to figure out how to add capital ships).
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    Ok, thats a good start, how about the other classes from the war?
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    Does anyone know the commision dates for the various classes (not individual vessels) such as, Exeter, Confed Dreadnaught, Concordia, etc? Its to get refence for some stories I have planned.
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    Story IV

    Oh yeah... also you seem to ask for peoples opinions too much, you've a few stories that were interesting but stopped them at the beginning before we could where you were going because of a few people who didn't like it.
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    Story IV

    Where better to coordinate an attack than in person with the other particpants, also it reduces the chance of intercepted communications or scrambled comms. Interesting story so far.
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    WC story III

    Although he's the WC, he still needs to report personel changes to the ships captain, as it is the captains ship not the WCs, and the captain should of reasons for changes on a flight roster, he needs to know whos protectiong his vessel and of any conflicts between pilots.
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    XWing Alliance Mod Help needed...

    Oh.. well losing a GF ain't cool. :( but if you'd like a hand with the mod, I'm happy to try and learn how to do it for X-Wing.
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    Legends Never Die: New Prologue

    In 2682 diplomatic ties are a bit stronger with the BWs aren't they? and I'm confident confed wouldn't worry too much over the BWs getting the Concordia, means they don't have to worry about a hunk of junk. Besides she'd need a full rebuild and the Phase transit cannon would be wrecked. Let...