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    What happened to Blair?

    Yes - without a clear plan or direction for a sequel, surely the ambiguity is on purpose. Say they decided to make a Prophecy sequel in 2001, they would have the creative freedom to decide what happened to Blair because they hadn't railroaded themselves into revealing his fate. However, with no...
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    Which Wing Commander scene which Maniac says milk and cookies?

    There's a scene in WCIV where Maniac is describing the time he took a Confed marine for a ride in the back of a fighter, and the marine blacked out in the back seat. Maniac says something like "He'd tossed his cookies, passed out!" This is right before his potential fight with Dekker. At 1:31:05
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    Perennial Rumor: Wing Commander Making a Comeback? (May 15, 2021)

    Oh for sure, I'm not saying you'd want to do it - more that I'd trust the fans more than the powers that be. Of course, EA would never just hand it over to us! Standoff was a good example of a successful fan-lead project, of course it wasn't as polished as a triple-A title but it was very...
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    Perennial Rumor: Wing Commander Making a Comeback? (May 15, 2021)

    I don't think I'd favour a sequel now, I'm too afraid of some kind of reboot or disregard for lore. If it was handed to the CIC then fine. I'd trust @Pedro @Howard Day and @Bandit LOAF to put something together that doesn't trample on the past too much. Moreso even than Chris Roberts at this...
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    Is it just me or does actor Gregory Peck..

    Pasty Kensit as Major Edmond?
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    Wing Leader Tests Show Off CRT Shader & Character Models (April 25, 2021)

    I googled what waifu means thinking it must stand for something. That is...disturbing.
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    WC4 Remake

    That's good. I think most people will approve of a faithful version of the game, after all, it's a remaster rather than a remake. That said, down the line, modding might be fun. I normally disapprove of game mods wholesale because they have a tendency to detract from the brilliance of the...
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    What do you HATE (or at least dislike) in each Wing Commander game?

    I think there are some harsh opinions in this thread! I thought WC3's acting was excellent. Yes this strikes me every time. Of course the first time you play the game it doesn't mean much, if anything it's ambiguous - but with the knowledge that he's about to defect back to the Kilrathi, it's...
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    Do WC3 wingmen fire torpedoes?

    Flash scores a few kills, but like Maniac he will not listen to your orders. He also has a tendency to eject/die by attacking capital ships alone while being pursued by multiple fighters. If you take him with you as one of the 3 wingmen for the raid on Kilrah, then he will obey your orders (so...
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    Raptor's Last Stand Streamed to the World (April 7, 2021)

    The last several times I've played WC1 I've used the KS version with wcdx I had completely forgotten about 'Weapon destroyed' and taking on enemies with one laser. Was weapon damage removed from the Kilrathi Saga version? Maybe I'm just remembering wrong, it's also possible it just didn't...
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    German Kilrathi Saga Unofficial Fan Guide

    Vielen Dank! I learned it in school, and even had an exchange partner in Krefeld. Unfortunately that was 20 years ago. I guess I have a good basis to learn properly =) Anyway good job with this, I'm sure some German speakers will appreciate it.
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    German Kilrathi Saga Unofficial Fan Guide

    Es tut mir leid, Ich spreche jetz nur wenig Deutsch. Ich habe es vergessen!
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    Whimsies, doings and curios.

    "I remember when I was a liar like you" LOL
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    Windows update broke GOG/DOSBox WC3?

    Fixed! No idea what the issue was, but I simply did a clean install of my GPU drivers, and the problem has gone away. Thanks again for the help :)
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    Windows update broke GOG/DOSBox WC3?

    Thanks for the reply! I changed those lines in the dosbox config, but unfortunately the problem still happens. It's really strange, I can't for certain blame the Windows update, but previously it was working fine. I guess I could roll back and try.
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    Windows update broke GOG/DOSBox WC3?

    EDIT: Apologies. Mistake in thread title. I'm using the Origin WC3 version, not GOG. I was midway through a WC3 playthrough. Everything was working well with the stock Origin DOSBox settings. Then yesterday, my PC downloaded and installed a monster Windows feature update. It took about 10-15...
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    What do you HATE (or at least dislike) in each Wing Commander game?

    I actually think just finding a new love interest so soon after learning about Angel was pretty scummy in itself. Remember those Scumbag Steve memes?
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    Do WC3 wingmen fire torpedoes?

    It was a weird 'head canon' thing on my part - until this point my Blair hasn't flown with Maniac since reuniting with him on the Victory. Despite Maniac being an ass at times, he's still one of the best pilots on the carrier. Blair knows this and needed his skills in the tricky nebula...
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    Do WC3 wingmen fire torpedoes?

    First playthrough in five years, and WC3 is still a joy to play! But I'm on Ariel 3 "play possum in the nebula" and the game is kicking my ass. I don't remember it being this tough. I chose Thunderbolts, and Maniac. This is probably a bad choice because Maniac wants to take on the capships...
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    Underrated Sci-Fi gems from the 90s

    Pretty solid list, even if he did refer to the 'Kilrathian Empire' and the 'Ter-on Confederation' Although I'm not sure about the part where he says 'fans will be amazed to see how loyal the story is to the film' hehe.