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    Privateer SVGA

    Great! I had exactly this Magazine lying around for years.... that is until I threw out all my old magazines. (Mostly Powerplay as I recall). We got pretty exited over these screenshots, but we could never believe the game would look THAT good! (But we hoped :) ) On a side note: "Erotik...
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    Wing Commander 2010

    I really like the design, however I agree with the others... reverse the Star Trek colors and make that hangar just a bit smaller... and of course I'm waiting fpr the bridge-tower... a feature I just loved in WC. Go on with this design.. I'm really looking foward to the outcome!
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    LOAF's Design an Avatar Contest!

    Sorry, couldn't resist...
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    WC: Arena - A New Golden Age For Fans

    Unsure.... First of all, it's amazing they're finally doing another WC game. We all have waited for this to happen... it is fantastic. But than, I don't know yet if this game is right for an old style WC pilot like me... For me, the amazing stories and the lovable characters belonged to WC...
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    [REQUEST] WCU Splash Screen

    I think I really did overdo his eyes ;) I just wanted them to stick out the background. But the whole Tolwyn isn't right yet,... have to work on this one
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    [REQUEST] WCU Splash Screen

    okay, I've worked on my first one and though about a second in the same design line. The Dralthi isn't mine, but I just can't remeber where I got it from - I think it's one of Cameron WU's, The Excalibur is from Mark Vearrier's "official" Prophecy print - I hope now I gave proper credit to this...
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    [REQUEST] WCU Splash Screen

    This surely is improveable, but I though I give it a try...
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    The silliest callsign

    When sitting for the first time before WC1 I gave that callsign matter some serious thought. I ended up with 'Dreamer' which is my Callsign ever since. I had to change it one or two times because there already was a Dreamer, than I usually tended to 'Nightmare' - what seemed the logical...
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    Wing Commander Games and Windows XP - A Summary

    I hope this belongs in here, but I have a huge problem with WC1 KS. I'm running it under XP and everthings works fine. After installing the secret missions I had to switch in win95 kombatibility mode - the game works fine but neither the USB nor the analog joystick can be used. If a joystick ist...
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    endings for wc3

    I feel like you! i really liked Flint and was hoping to see her again, but unfortunatly the cannon story was Blair choosing Rachel - I never fully understand that. I was always dating Flint, leaving Rachel to be pissed (I can do my own loadout,thanks) but I kept her away from the major...
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    Wing Commander End Run (?) Shots

    Good job Tarawa! I've done a WC fan film myself a while back and I know how hard this work can be. (Ours didn't really come out great and was never finished...) Will you post some pics of your actors? Really want to see those...
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    Star Trek XI?

    Personally I don't understand why they are trying to go BACK in time. I didn't likes that with Enterprise and I surley don't like it with the next film. Star Trek has such a huge and wonderfull background story.. why destroying it with a film that surley make about one million mistakes? When...
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    Finally Perry has a deck

    Most impressive! The night-picture looks amazing!
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    Since I'm from Munich, and since Bavaria is famous for its beer I think I should post on this thread: My favourite is Edelstoff from a brewery called Augustiner. Unfortunatly its not exportet very much, different to Löwenbräu or Spaten, which you can get all over the world, but which isn't...
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    WC and the future of space sims.

    I think there could be another Wing Commander game. I would love to play one, by the way, but also many say that the WC1-2 story telling is better than the movies in wc3-4 I disagree. I started with WC1 and I loved that one, but the extensive stories in the later games really pushed the fun I...
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    Kilrathi Saga issues with WC 1 (sound)

    Hi! I had the same problem (KS WC1 crashing after installing sm1 & 2) I could fix that by using the win95 compatibility mode. Sound seems fine, but my joystick keeps running to the edge and can't be used. Is there a way to calibrate it in KS?
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    Origin case mod update

    Whish I could do such things... :( Really great work! :)
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    Hmm. I'd like to state my opinion as an foreigner. I never liked moore nor bush, but for moore I can give reasons while talking about the president seems far more complicated. Moore is an entertainer, and I think most people know. When I am talking about his films and his books with my...
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    I dont think Armada had a storyline at all, did it? You had to conquer a sector of space, build bases, try to find the Kilrathi Carrier, destroy it and thats the end. Your stats were shown and you could start with another region...
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    Favorite fighter.

    As much as I had to admid: It's the Excalibur. I just loved the Design it it handled very good in combat. But it's closely followed by the Arrow, with I really loved during endless hours of WC3... :)