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    Multikey pressing problem.

    Well. I haven't big hope, but: I'm a big fan of JoyToKey. It's keyboard emulator, you can assign a key or a key combination to a joystick button, and then simulate key pressing by button pressing. So I've assigned combination ALT+B to one joystick button, but it doesn't work. In game guide I've...
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    Wing Commander Armada - Confederation MIssion 5

    Hi! This mission is really hard for me, I can destroy first wave of Shok'lar but second (there are three enemy fighters, not two, like in mission's description) I can't beat. It's really frustrating for me. Can you give any hints?
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    Comments on WC Mission guides doesn't work

    HI! I want to comment one mission, but I've got Error 500 (internal server error). Will someone fix this?
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    RSI Other Games forum disabled for non-backers

    When I asked about Ghorah Khar 2D mission, I've received more replies on RSI forum than here, and I still can't understand this politics. On Elite: Dangerous Forum there's a special section for backers, which is not available to others, but the rest forum (including off-topic section) is...
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    RSI Other Games forum disabled for non-backers

    Great news. According to one guy from reddit, "Other Games" forum on RSI Forum is no longer available for non-backers. Really great idea, especially because Wing Commander forum was quite active and has direct connection with Star Citizen. And I have no-longer access now. I know, at least one...
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    Spiculum IR - why I can't launch it?

    Well... I've tested it on original DOSBOX 0.74, DOSBOX 0,.74 with 3DFX emulation and even on Kilrathi Saga version. Problem exists on each version... can someone confirm?
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    Spiculum IR - why I can't launch it?

    No, not yet. But You give me the reason to try. I will report! :)
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    Spiculum IR - why I can't launch it?

    DOSBOX. YKHWong build from 25 january 2015.
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    Spiculum IR - why I can't launch it?

    MS-DOS. The first one.
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    Spiculum IR - why I can't launch it?

    Yes. Enter doesn't work too...
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    Spiculum IR - why I can't launch it?

    Situation: Ghorah Khar 2 D. I'm facing against 4 Gothri. I've locked Spiculum IR from large distance. Why I can't launch it?? It's very frustrating. This mission is damn hard and eliminating at least one Gothri on dogfight begin will be very helpful. I can't simply understand it!
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    Wing Commander II - damn hard...

    I've got almost heart attack during trying to complete K'tithrak Mang A and I don't know, what now... First I can't understand, how it will be possible to destroy Ralatha destroyer (without mention of Fralthra) with this stupid torpedos... When I go under 10000 clicks my shields are destroyed...
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    [WC2] Gunsight too dark...

    What can I say... I'm delighted at your outstanding help and I thank all of you, but especially Dondragmer!
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    [WC2] Gunsight too dark...

    32-bit. And I saw clip from WC2 WCKS first mission on YT. It seems, this is normal color... I can't simply understand, who was so intelligent, to make dark green gunsight!!!
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    [WC2] Gunsight too dark...

    Hi, -danr-, thanks for quick reply! I've tested 2 versions: normal Disk Version and CD Deluxe. I'm playing under DOSBOX 0.74 with 3dfx patch from Kekko. My operating system is Windows XP SP 3.
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    [WC2] Gunsight too dark...

    Hm. I have weird question. I've started playing WC2 and I have big problem: I can't see gunsight in my cockpit! Gunsight is dark green and is practically invisible on black space... In WC I hadn't such problem, because gunsight was light green. And please, don't tell me "Make a bright level in...
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    Worst Mission Ever

    Kurasawa 2 (Ralari escort) - I've completed it, but was very hard. But I think, the worst mission in all WC series is Bifrost 2 - so beautiful name and so EXTREMELY hard to complete. I've completed it too, but it was a truly nightmare. Of course, missions where you fly with a pancake are hard...
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    Finally I've destroyed Supply Depot...

    What the hell....why missions in SM1 are so hard? I've tried many times to complete Bifrost 2, and finally, today I've did it. And yes, Paladin survived. He was forced to return to base, but not by me though. The supply depot was really tough to destroy. I've got almost heart attack -...
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    Halcyon Sun

    I have one question...can somebody tell me, how I can turn on subtitles in GERMAN Version of HS? I tried many times, but without success. Is this possible in German version?
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    WC inspired skin for IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles

    Brilliant Mustang skin :)