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    The TCS Firekka's Simulator

    yea simulator missions, can't wait to see it or play 'em. Any projected release date for Ep. 2 yet?
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    WWII Capital Ships

    yeah, that and every one of their carriers.
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    Aerodynamic sleekness

    AI isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Humans still controll these systems. AI's aren't totally independant. For example the Patriot missile system relies heavily on computers but humans ultimately are the ones responsible for hitting the fire button. The computer tells the human operator...
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    Aerodynamic sleekness

    Aerodynamics don't matter in space. For example, the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) of the Apollo missions were box like craft that were made for one purpose and that was to land on the moon. With no atmosphere on the moon, hence no friction, the LEM didn't need to be aerodynamic. Plus both the...
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    A Few Points...

    I've always had a thing for Bigger is Better. :D I could see where it would be benificial for the BW to cut costs any way possible. Still why build new ships that can't project the kind of firepower that a Bengal carrier can. Even today the US government spends billions on defence on the...
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    A Few Points...

    The Ranger class CVE's that they BW wants to replace the Bengals with are an even older design. The Rangers aren't as well equiped for front line fighting like the Bengals. Even if the BW wants to have a defensive type fleet, a couple of hard hitting strike carriers aren't a bad thing to have...
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    Voice acting.

    I did those voices for you guys. Sent them along in an e-mail. Hope I'm not too late.
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    ICIS Manual On-Line

    not a bad bit of work I have the Gold edition manual. This has the flight manual in the front with the ICIS manual starting about half way through it. After that is a 21 page addendum for Secret Ops, which outlines transfer orders, outline of the Cerberus' mission, and stats on all the...
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    Voice acting.

    are you still in need of voices? If needed I could give it a go. Just have to find my microphone. I know it's around here somewhere. Give me a holler if you do.
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    Whats the lowdown on the sequel to UE

    I was just curious whats up with the sequel to UE. I read somewhere that it's been put on hold til Standoff is finished. Has anything been done on it yet?
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    UE and WCPEdit

    I was curious if WCPedit can be used to edit ships for UE. I think it would be interesting to edit the ships and see what comes of it.
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    problems with glide while installing WCP:SO

    It was from a cd. I finally got it to work. The Glide wrapper download fixed my problems. I can run the game and I can still run it in Direct3D. :cool:
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    problems with glide while installing WCP:SO

    I can't even get the game installed. The installation process gets near completion when the error occurs and then it cancels the installation process. I've installed WCP and have run that with no problems, but SO has been a pain in the butt.
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    problems with glide while installing WCP:SO

    I've been out of the loop for close to a year so if this has been mentioned multiple times before i'm sorry. When I tried installing WCP:SO I received a warning that the application failed because glide2x.dll was not found. I run Win XP with a nVidia GeForce4 ti 4200 video card. hopefully...
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    Ronald Reagan dead at 93

    well I was 10 when he left office, so I don't really remember what happened during that time. But, many other Presidents have done stupid things while in office, too. Let's not forget what good ol' Clinton did. Anyway, the point is no one is perfect. While Reagon at least stood his ground on...
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    I read somewhere that the Sorthak was like a cross between a fighter and a corvette. Pretty poor excuse if you ask me( but don't ask me). The shielding isn't much better than a Voktoth, aveages about 50cm thicker. About the only thing it has going for it is a slight increase in...
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    Which fighter type is your favorite?

    There really is no reason to make the F-15 larger. With the introduction of the F-22 Raptor and the experimental JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) older models should in essence be phased out. The JSF, with certain modifications can fill any role, Army, Navy or Marines. In the long run it should...
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    Best Wing Commander game?

    It's a tough one to call. I liked the graphics, game play, and new fighters of Prophecy but the storyline and characters were less than respectable. WCIV had an excellent storyline, well known characters and a few suprises. The fact that you almost have to play on the side of the BW in...
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    Which fighter type is your favorite?

    If anyone remembers correctly the Bearcat was a new Confed fighter using a new propulsion system. I was going to call it experimental but if it is in full production then it must be past the experimental satges.:rolleyes: In my opinion this new drive system makes it lighter. That's why the...
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    Which fighter type is your favorite?

    I really don't have a favorite. Every one of these groups has strengths and weaknesses that give them a certain advantage in battle. A good pilot will use his abilities as well as those of his fighter to acheive victory.