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    Merry Xmas Wingnuts!

    Merry Christmas all
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    WC 1 Secret mission 2 always on loosing path

    Here a link to the mission guide. Odds are the snakeir is jumping out. That seems to be the only way you can get on the losing path from the Charon system.
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    After Action Report (December 6, 2009)

    Oh wow. I just now realized that the people sleeping in the beds were the other pilots. For years I thought they were just random people.
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    Major victory in Standoff?

    Wow, Mancubus. I like it, but it sure does paint a grim future for the confederation.
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    K-rathi fictions

    Really neat. Looks like a modified Rigakh and Fralthra.
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    What's your favorite line from the game?

    That was my favorite too.
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    Gratha Model

    Looks great! The head looks like some kind of bird of prey
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    WC:CD "Destroyer"

    Looks like it's ready for some serious broadside fighting. Great job!
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    Crash, Boom & Bang Your Way To Victory (September 27, 2009)

    Just noticed somthing on the poll. It lists the Kamekh as a destroyer. Wasn't it a corvette?
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    New Wing Commander Game?

    Maestro was funny I'll give you that. But he never once killed me by being out right trigger happy. Nor did he steal my kills.
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    New Wing Commander Game?

    Confed would be in bad shape if the Nephilum managed to knock off the Midway. But worse yet, for all his uselessness I'd miss maniac. He was always the comic relief. They'd have to find someone new to make fun of.
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    Wing Commander 4 question

    I'm fairly sure that there is a thread for this question. But I couldn't find it. Anyway my question is this, Does WC4 work on Windows XP? I was going to pick up a copy on amazon and thought I should find out first.
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    William Eisen Tribute

    Sounds like a really good idea. I'd gladly watch such a tribute.
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    The not be Midway

    I just now realized that mistake my apologies. So is it a timeline?
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    The not be Midway

    In your smallest to largest diagram. The Jutland class appears larger than the Confederation class. That's incorrect the Confederation class mesures 983.72 meters in length. The Jutland class is 775.10 meters in length and there for smaller than the confederation class. But I do like the way...
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    Fan Wallpaper

    Man these Hakaga wallpaper's just keep getting better and better. Thank you for making them!
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    Flagship question

    I was just rereading Fleet Action. Would it be fair to say that the Battle of Terra finished the Concordia? She would never see the frontlines after the battle of earth. So it seems like even though she survived, she was finished.
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    Flagship question

    If I was a flag officer I'd hope there was a better ship than the Paradigm available for me to command.
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    Flagship question

    Ok thanks for the information, that cleared up my question.