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    X-wing and TIE fighter coming to GoG

    This is untrue. The model and their intention was not changed, but the engine DID change, to a full 3D engine. As part of that engine change, new models were developed. And those models behaved differently: it was now possible to hit someone so that it counted as a hit on both fore and aft (for...
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    Hehehe... ah, Freespace...

    They were so mysterious - after three playthroughs and week of mission building, I still can't remember anything about them. This is wrong on so many counts I don't even know where to begin. First, the story in the strategy guides is purely character development back story that has nothing...
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    Joysticks recommendations

    Mine wasn't a force feedback, but I loved it all the same. I still have one floating around somewhere, but the USB cord shorted out and I need to splice in a new one before it will work again. This is for Dual-Engine aircraft, like the F-15 or F-14. You can control the throttle input to each...
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    Joysticks recommendations

    I use a Saitek X52 (not pro). I actually have two of these sticks, I've been extremely happy with them. Fully programmable with external software. My two favorite features are the MFD with programmable time zones (which really helps me figure out server times related to my own and when events...
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    LucasArts is no more

    On the other hand a handy talented batch of game programmers and game artists just got dumped on the job market.
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    LucasArts is no more

    Oh, this isn't so bad. I mean really, I would have responded quite nicely to "We're not doing anything with your favorite license, and are going to cancel all the things you love about it so please don't give us anymore of your money." but this is clearly communicating the same message.
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    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    I can agree with this...BUT! I once found a rack of 10$ games at Office Depot that had five copies of Starlancer, so I bought them all...and then went out and bought joysticks for all my friends and we had a massive LAN Party one weekend where we played through the entire Starlancer campaign...
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    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    Well if you're already dumping merchant ships into the game that are based on carrying cargo, how much of a stretch is it to give them a tractor beam to pick up an ejected pilot? In addition to that there are all kinds of other things you can offload to the transport though, like mobile...
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    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    So I'm just curious here - any particular reason the SAR Bird is an NPC and not another one of your buddies? One thing I would REALLY like to see is to make some of the support craft flyable - like the SWACs or the SAR Birds. Darting into a combat engagement in an unarmed or lightly armed...
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    So it's Wing Commander 0?

    I may be the only one, but I find the Wing Commander throwbacks slightly off-putting. If it's Wing Commander, let it be Wing Commander. If it's Freelancer let it be Freelancer. If it's Starlancer, let it be Starlancer. It's clear he's able to - when he wants - put together a brand new look for...
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    Youtube / OPENGL

    Maybe I'm confused, but wasn't there a patch that let you specify a resolution to adjust it to?
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    WCP mission editing

    You are looking for WCPascal, which had some automated functions for adding in ships and Nav Points. EDIT: Try this thread:
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    Any more WCSO Ships available?

    Yes, there were some on Thomas Bruckners page, which appears to be gone. You should ask someone in the chat if they have a backup of it.
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    Secret Ops - Lost serial number & starter pack registration

    I would totally pay to be a part of the Secret Ops download again - sadly I could never make it run on my computer, and so I missed out on the fun of getting to be a part of the episodic release.
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    Browser Interface Development

    Okay, sounds good. I do this stuff for a living (I have a good cushy job right now doing some contract work on some internal apps that's almost entirely jQuery and javascript related). This is a good project, I would love to give you guys some help.
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    Browser Interface Development

    I wouldn't mind taking a look, I do this all day long (at work and at home, I'm a code monkey and I love it) but I don't want to step on anyones toes. Isn't Wedge already looking into the UI and CSS stuff for you?
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    Browser Interface Development

    I'm slightly concerned about this, I'm not sure you're understanding the power of selectors and how you can make much of jQuery do the hard work for you. Do you mean to say that for every button on the website you have a different line of code making it a button? Because you should be creating...
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    Browser Interface Development

    Are you guys calling: .click(function() { return false; }); on the jQuery UI Buttons to make sure the links don't propagate? I usually set up my lines something like this: $( ".button" ).button(); $( ".button" ).click(function() { return false; }); So that I can use a CSS...
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    What would a "completed" Behemoth look like?

    This thread is just begging for someone to photoshop Tolwyn's face onto Darth Helmet.