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    I wrote a song parody.

    dear god.
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    It's that time of year again.

    I personally think another 'Privateer' styled WC game would have been fantastic. But then again, my every second post seems to be asking for another Privateer game. :p
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    Those models are incredible! Keep up the Great work. Now all we need is a Privateer mod for SO and we'll be set! :D
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    How much do all WC intellectual property rights cost?

    I don't think EA would give it away very easily. Being the Tyrant's of the gaming world they are.
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    Hmm any updates for us?

    I personally like the new Gratha design better. You can make the final call, but I don't really think it needs changing.
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    Sealed Ultimas for sale on eBay

    I doubt it too. Considering he seems to be advertising it to the Origin Museum, who I think should be notified of opportunities to buy rare origin materials.
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    Real Stealth Black Panther

    That's fairly awesome.
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    Order of the games?

    Welcome, But you could do some good to yourself laying off the drugs. Enjoy your time here anyway :)
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    Game Informer Disses All Game Movies Everywhere (June 26, 2004)

    This is the most redundant error I have ever seen printed in a magazine. And believe me, I've seen alot. :p
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    Announcing The First Annual #Wingnut Wedding (June 20, 2004)

    Congratulations you two. I hope you live happily everafter :)
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    Happy Birthday, Eder!

    Happy Birthday Eder, You have certainly proved your worth many a time to this community! Where would we be without Unknown Enemy or Standoff ( to wait for :D )
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    Requesting info on an auction item

    I'm not sure exactly what it came with, but I know it didnt come with the SB16. The SB16 came with another disc, a yellow one with Wing Commander Academy, Ultima 7 and a few others.
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    Fav WC game

    I'd have to say Privateer was the best gameplay wise. But as far as story goes, i'd have to say WC2 was the best.
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    Wing Commander FPS Mod?

    Half-Life is by far the easiest game to make mods for, Unreal is the most powerful engine around, but it is also the hardest to use. For making Half-Life TCs you would need PakExplorer Wally ( for .Wads ) Milkshape 3d ( for models ) Worldcraft ( for levels ) and that's the basic kit...
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    Best Looking Fighter

    WC1: Haven't finished yet WC2: Epee/Strakha WC3: Arrow/Bloodfang WC4: Don't own WCP: Vampire/Nephilim ships aren't quite so cool. PRIV: Demon PRV2: Drakkar ( also a cool band :D )
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    Thank you Standoff!

    *long silence* eheh.... ohhhkayy.... :rolleyes: :)
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    Blue people aboard the Tiger's Claw?

    It's kind of odd when you think about it. If there are so many other races ( or at least semi different races ) running about. How come in the Wing Commander games we see so very little of them? I know we see the Firekkans in WC1, the Steltek in Privateer, and lets not even go near Privateer 2...
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    Favorite fighter.

    I seemed to really like the Vampire, and I always liked that fusion cannon from Privateer, With that I could annihalate most things in my path with little worries! :D
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    Origin is officially dead...

    The real Wing Commander that needs revisiting is undoubtably privateer. ;) That still remains my favourite WC game. If someone could make a Privateer sequel in the Secret Ops Engine, then that would be the best project ever. Though it would require almost a total remake of the engine...
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    Origin is officially dead...

    Thanks for the help ;) I wasn't sure whether I was going to get ripped for asking such a question, but it turned out great. That in game fiction viewer will be a great improvement. When playing UE I had all sorts of problems with minimising etc. Standoff looks to be an incredibly promising...