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    A Second Wing Commander Movie?

    That's a good question. Why no staff or anyone else was about?
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    Female fans...

    *sniff* No what's that funny smell?
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    Female fans...

    Hmmmmm...No. Better shut up my mouth about this one. :)
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    I wrote a song parody.

    Hmmmm, while you're at it, make a sound and a video clip...
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    Female fans...

    That's quite....disturbing. :eek: ;) [Edited by klaus on 12-01-2000 at 20:22]
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    Dead, Live or missing

    If I recall correctly Bear and Sparks from WC2 survived the Kilrathi war, though they didn't appear in the games after that...
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    Torps without Locks?

    GAH! I had completely forgot about WCPEdit. :( Thanks for the info PopsiclePete. :)
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    ARG! (Somewhat of an annoyed rant)

    Owtch. That's....sad. :(
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    Members page

    Well, I guess it would be for privacy purposes. Or because they just plain didn't want it...
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    Torps without Locks?

    Hmmmm, No. Not one that I know of.
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    Mmmmm, the system here looks like to be completely different. Here you go to the Uni and pick up a form (but I think you can do it by mail) , fill it, pay it in a bank. And take it back. Then they do a BIG test with all of the candidates and the ones with the highest scores are accepted in. Then...
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    Torps without Locks?

    If you want to pack a wallop without using torps, use a full dumbfire loadout with full salvo on. :)
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    A Second Wing Commander Movie?

    Hmmm, Yeah. I thought of that one too but I didn't want to say it out loud. I'm a "cursed mouth" of some sort. Everything bad that I say tends to happen...;) [Edited by klaus on 11-29-2000 at 20:50]
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    A Second Wing Commander Movie?

    It may not be made up, but if FOX behaves like EA, I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to scrap the movie during shooting or editing or something...
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    Let's reinact the Battle For Earth w/water guns

    Well, it was the day when.... mmmm Nah. Better not touch the issue... :(
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    Academy TV

    Hmmmm, did they ever make more than 13(or so) episodes of WCATV?
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    Sequel to prophecy. When, where, how?

    Unfortunately that doesn't work when all of your team is already out of the game... :)
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    Need Help Running Armada Under Win98

    That should work, if he has high memory enough. But also it may bump another thing that was in high memory down to low memory, so you should try combinations to see what's best.
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    Regarding Metras' Nephilim Thread

    Heeeee hee hee. Tee Hee. !!! Oops. Ahem. ;) I still don't know how did that thread survive this long...