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    WC3 reference, totally rad...

    It's been awhile since i've posted on here, but i got all excited when I heard WC3 referenced on the Totally Rad Show over at revision3. It's not much of a reference but thought i'd mention it. Also it's a couple of weeks old so this might have been posted, if sorry...
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    To the PETA...

    simpsons rip-off
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    confed Helmet

    LOAF and i also have the Pilgrim Cross knife from the movie, but they are reproductions. i think they r still availible on ebay...
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    The Word Game

    Ding (Rainbow Six)
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    what if they made a Wing Commander MMORPG?

    MMORPG will be the death of the internet. after watching jay and silent bob strike back, and learn of the true use of the internet, i now know that man-kind is doomed. (sarcasm) i think a mod of freelancer online would kick ass, good thing one is already in the works :cool:
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    ks probs with xp

    get directx9 and then run dxdiag. run the directdraw tests. post results
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    WCP - Unable to Land

    reload the game there was something wrong with the install
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    The Word Game

    con trails
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    End United Nations tyranny inside the U.S.

    No, no, it's really not -- it's like chocolate mousse, but in a pie. Please put my vote down for lemon marangue pie, though.
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    difficult situation

    or maybe... she was playing hard to get, and it back fired on her, or maybe it was sudden, out-of-nowhere asked to her. i know the hard to get thing happened to me, only NOW im glad i told her i wasn't interested, nut case there too. but if u only asked once, and it came out of left field...
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    difficult situation

    congratulations, u've just described every 20-something girl/woman :rolleyes:
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    The hulk (no spoilers yet)

    My thoughts on this excuse-to-make-a-movie are simple. 1.WORST MOVIE EVERRRRRRRR!!!!! 2. BORING 3. hulk loses shoes, yet manages to keep pants
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    Good, or ripoff?

    thats right, if he started at $50, maybe, $190, no.
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    Stuck on Installation...

    don't blaim XP, if u don'r read the EULA, or the other written warnings, that plainly say that OLD software may nolonger be supported and expect pure DOS games to run in a none-DOS environment, it's ur own damn fault.
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    Origin games that never were

    i don't think he realised that they DID make Privateer 2, its entitled, the darkening. it's an Erin Roberts game. he also made freelancer, if i rememebr right.
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    What The Firekkan?!

    it's funny new people always come to the the off topic zone to create threads to up their rank. problem is, posts don't get counted in the off topic zone. like this post should be post #403 for me, but instead, after i post it, my post total will remain 402. so it's really kinda pointless to...
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    The Word Game

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    Wing Commander Fleets

    only craft with jump drives can open the jump point. there is no required equipment to enter a jump point. thus, if a jump bouy could open a jump point, it could enter it. but if a jump point exerts no gravity, then no, i guess it wouldn't suck anything in.
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    $$$ movie

    only on the latest generations of sub.s the seawolf class is the first US sub to use auto-loading tubes. u might as why, well there is nothing like hanging ur ass out in the wind win jammed auto-loading tubes.... same reason the US M1A2 Abram doesn't have an autoloading gun.
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    The Word Game

    ripping ass (farting)