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  1. Foxtrot

    BREAKING NEWS: ESRB Announces Rating for 'Wing Commander Arena' (February 21, 2007)

    well thats commendable. I just hope that EA comes to their senses and makes a proper WC game for the consoles soon. I think microsoft might even pressure them given that the 360 has no decent flight sims and the PS3 will have Warhawk ( *drools ) comming soon to the PSN. Also its interesting to...
  2. Foxtrot

    BREAKING NEWS: First Hands On & Gameplay Movies! (February 22, 2007)

    Yea i hope EA got this one right. honestly the gameplay screens show that they dint put too much effort in making the game and seriously i think the Xbox needs a good flight sim to combat the new one coming to the PS3 ( Warhawk ) so i had my hopes up that this game would be in that direction...
  3. Foxtrot

    BREAKING NEWS: ESRB Announces Rating for 'Wing Commander Arena' (February 21, 2007)

    I just saw this on Joystiq and I was frozen for a whole minute !! Now the question is, is this an entirely new game or is it a polished version of one of the older ones ? You know what, i dont freakin care, anything thats WingCommander and HighDef and on my 360 would have to be amazing !!!
  4. Foxtrot

    The Nephilim in Nexus (Note: Image heavy)

    keep up the goo work mate !
  5. Foxtrot

    Which laptop should I get?

    i would recomend an HP/Compaq. i bought the compaq presario V3000 2 months ago for $750 USD and its got an AMD turion dual core and a geforce 6150. while the gpu aint so good it still allows me to play doom 3 on medium with no lag and older games ( elite force & no one lives for ever series ) on...
  6. Foxtrot

    Wobbling with WCP movies.....

    ya vista has a lot of new stuff thats a step ahead of XP, especially the fact that the entire gui is hardware accelerated ( direct X 10 ) meaning your graphics card does all the drawing work so your cpu is free to do other stuff although with vista you wont realise the difference as the darn...
  7. Foxtrot

    Star Trek Online?

    mate he was talking about the studios creating the game and not the game itself. while i do have high hopes for legacy and tactical assault i really have not hard much about bethesda. i miss the old days when there was activision along with another reputable company ( eg - raven, ritual, tatally...
  8. Foxtrot

    Wobbling with WCP movies.....

    ya that was pretty much it................except "Vista Aero-like" ?? mate, vista is almost a decade behind where xgl is right now :p anyways im gonna test if i can actually get prophecy to play with this new hardware accelerated gui, i heard someone got it working in the normal software gui a...
  9. Foxtrot

    Wobbling with WCP movies.....

    was just making a presentation movie on my laptop of XGL and Beryl in linux and i used the WCP hi-rez mvies in to to show off some of the features so i was wondering if anyone ever saw the WCP movies dance around like that ? :D...
  10. Foxtrot

    Promotional Sheet Provides Sneak Peek At WC4 (October 1, 2006)

    ya whats up with that ? was it ment to be a 4-cd game ?
  11. Foxtrot

    Prophecy Movie Upgrade (1/3) (September 30, 2006)

    great work CIC, thanks a lot for this. this can certainly spark a few projects. immagine a WCP where we can play with these videos, have gameplay at full rez with 3dfx emmulation and have multiplayer as well..........criss roberts would be proud.
  12. Foxtrot

    Take WCP Higher (September 28, 2006)

    as far as i can remember they were experimenting with both film and videotape for the shooting of WC3 but decided on tape then. there were a few scenes shot in film and i recall the people at the Origin mueseum talking about them after acquiring them ( there was a pic or two of wc3 scenes on a...
  13. Foxtrot

    Take WCP Higher (September 28, 2006)

    WOW !!!! awsome find there, one can make a proper WCP movie with something this good. although i must say the live action scenes felt more like something done for a B grade sci-fi series as compared to the grainy yet more movie-like clips for the 3-cd game. is it possible for you guys to mirror...
  14. Foxtrot

    EA Games On A Plane (September 21, 2006)

    is that an actual pic of the systems installed on a plane ? i wonder what carrier that is because the exit sign has exit written in english and hindi so i am assuming its an Indian carrier. sweet !!!
  15. Foxtrot

    J.J. Abrams To Direct 'Star Trek XI'

    i think trek had a general following during the TNG era. everyone has seen that series mate.
  16. Foxtrot

    J.J. Abrams To Direct 'Star Trek XI'

    ok, i just wanted to share my opinion here. ive always seen that events in present live are generaly a repetition of a historic event and this might also apply to Trek as we know it. i would say the current position of trek mirrors what it was like in the mid 70s - star trek phase 2 was in...
  17. Foxtrot

    J.J. Abrams To Direct 'Star Trek XI'

    true, the 3rd and 2nd last eppisodes of enterprise if i remember correctly featured a lot of TOS based settings, sets and costumes and they still had the atmosphere of a decent futuristic sci-fi series and had it not been for the ( crappy last-minute thought of ) ending they would have been my...
  18. Foxtrot

    And The Winner Is... (August 24, 2006)

    darn it !! knew everything but the 2nd question. congrats Worf, Its is a glorious win for an honorable warrior !!